Butora Narsha notable features

-The Butora Narsha is a leather rock climbing shoe engineered for ascents where steepness is involved. Its construction proactively keeps the foot firmly in place, especially the heel.

-It has uniquely designed instep and forefoot zones for toe hooking. It produces and maintains grip thanks to the shoe’s company-exclusive outsole.


Downturn. The Narsha has an aggressive downturn, giving it adequate precision for small holds and projections. Its rigidity grants wearers the ability to edge and do similar maneuvers with enhanced security. This type of downturn is ideal for single-pitch adventures.

Applications. This Butora piece is made specifically for bouldering and sport climbing. Its overall design gives it the ability to handle edges and pockets with efficiency. It is both for indoor and outdoor use.


Butora’s Narsha is a low-top climbing shoe. Since it is a unisex footgear, women might need to get it a full size smaller. It comes in widths narrow (blue) and wide (orange). For a performance fit, users may need to go down half a size. For all-day comfort, on the other hand, buyers are advised to get a pair in their regular street shoe size.

It comes built with a four-way stretch system which promises zero heel slippage. An increase in edging performance is expected since it is engineered around an asymmetric last. A secure and personalized fit is achieved via the shoe’s Velcro closure with NFS strapping system.


Midsole. The Narsha’s secure underfoot platform is courtesy of its injection-molded midsole. It reinforces the medial portion of the foot for improved arch support.

Outsole. Climbers have the Butora Narsha’s Neo Friction outsole to thank for the amount of surface traction they get out of the shoe. Its rubberized construction gives owners ample slip and skid resistance on different types of surfaces.


German leather is the primary material used in the Narsha’s lined upper. It comes with nylon 66 stitching. The shoe’s rear end has a 3D molded heel cup for extra support. Its forefoot, on the other hand, has adequate randing for added protection and climbing security. The unique covering reinforcing its instep offers improved latching power in toe-hooking situations.

This aggressive rock climbing footgear uses two Velcro (hook-and-loop) straps for fit management. The smaller of the two straps when tightened doubles down on precision. The pair of pull loops at the heel, on the other hand, expedite on and off.


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