5 users: 4.8 / 5
4 experts: 98 / 100
Base model: Butora Acro
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit
Downturn: Aggressive

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5 reasons to buy

  • Most of those who have reviewed the Butora Acro Comp love its heel- and toe-hooking capabilities.
  • This incredible climbing shoe has astonishing edging prowess, according to professional footwear testers.
  • Based on a small number of reports, the Acro Comp smears quite admirably.
  • Its sensitivity is nothing short of brilliant, say a few climbing fans.
  • Less than a handful of vloggers are super-impressed with the relentlessly grippy outsole of this Butora rock shoe.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The Butora Acro Comp’s outsole wears out too soon, a gear critic claims.
  • An expert is not flattered with the outdated design of this 99rock climbing shoe.

Bottom line

When it comes to hooking (toe and heel), the superbly sensitive Acro Comp from Butora shows great promise. The rock shoe in question is also a marvel in terms of smearing and edging.

That said, its sticky outsole might not be that durable on especially rough surfaces. Overall, the Acro Comp has all the trappings of an excellent gym climbing shoe. Those who are unsure about its outsole, however, may look elsewhere.

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Expert reviews:

-The Acro Comp, dubbed by Butora as the softer version of the Acro, is a downturned offering built specifically for gym climbers. It sports a newly improved heel randing system, which delivers extra rearfoot comfort.

-Practically its entire forefoot is rubberized to give senders sufficient grip in almost every direction. What provides wearers enough traction underfoot, on the other hand, is the Acro Comp’s Neo Fuse outsole.

Downturn. The Acro Comp is one of Butora’s aggressively downturned rock climbing shoes. It promises to transfer power from the lower leg to the toes to grant climbers enhanced forefoot control on edge-type features. Its provision of comfort is designed with single-pitch problems in mind.

Applications. This aggressive Butora piece is engineered mainly for sport climbing and bouldering pursuits. Although it is made primarily for indoor ascents, it can still be used for outdoor climbs.

The Butora Acro Comp is a low-top climbing shoe for men and women. It comes in two colorways: black (wide) and pink (narrow). The brand advises purchasers to get the shoe in a half size smaller to get an aggressive fit out of it. With time, it might stretch a little bit, thanks to its synthetic construction. Its asymmetric confines will more or less force the foot to bend inwards. A dialed-in fit in it is courtesy of the Acro Comp’s triple-fork lockdown system.

Midsole. The Acro Comp comes with a heavy-duty midsole for added support underfoot. Butora designers gave it a soft construction for flexibility.

Outsole. Thanks to the Neo Fuse outsole (a company-exclusive sole technology), smearing and edging in the Butora Acro Comp translate to ascending verticals with as much sticking power as possible. It is made entirely of rubber, with an overall thickness of 4 mm. Its segmented design makes the shoe’s medial section adequately flexible.

This climb-centric piece from Butora wraps the foot snugly within its synthetic shell. Two pull loops are placed securely at the back of its heel to expedite on and off.

The rear section of the shoe has a rubber rand and a 3D-molded heel cup. These reinforcements make heel hooks safe and comfortable at the same time. Its forefoot zone is also built with a hardy rand and a rubber toe patch to give senders enough multi-directional toe-hooking traction.

Making the upper of the Acro Comp come full circle is the shoe’s fit management system. It is made up of a single adjustable hook-and-loop strap and a beveled buckle.

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