Butora Acro Comp notable features

  • The Acro Comp, dubbed by Butora as the softer version of the Acro, is a downturned offering built specifically for gym climbers. It sports a newly improved heel randing system, which delivers extra rearfoot comfort.
  • Practically its entire forefoot is rubberized to give senders sufficient grip in almost every direction. What provides wearers enough traction underfoot, on the other hand, is the Acro Comp’s Neo Fuse outsole.

Who should buy the Butora Acro Comp

This aggressive Butora piece is mainly for sports climbing and bouldering pursuits. Although it is made primarily for indoor ascents, climbers mentioned that it can still be used for outdoor climbs.

Who should not buy the Butora Acro Comp

Climbers mentioned that the outsole wears out too soon and the design was outdated. If you are looking for a truly motivating climbing tool, you might want to check out the La Sportiva Theory.

The Butora Acro Comp's aggressive fit and colorways

The Butora Acro Comp is a low-top climbing shoe for men and women. It comes in two colorways: black (wide) and pink (narrow). Climbers recommend purchasers to get the shoe in a half size smaller to get an aggressive fit out of it. With time, they stated that it might stretch a little bit. They also mentioned that its asymmetric confines will more or less force the foot to bend inwards. 

In the Acro Comp’s triple-fork lockdown system, climbers mentioned that they achieved a dialed-in fit.

Excellent sticking power

Climbers were amazed at its smearing and edging capabilities because they can ascend verticals with as much sticking power as possible.


Climbers mentioned that its segmented design makes the shoe’s medial section adequately flexible.

Heavy-duty underfoot support

Climbers commended the Butora Acro Comp's heavy-duty midsole as they had amazing underfoot support and with its soft construction, they stated that it is so flexible.

Snug fit and easy to wear

Climbers applauded this climb-centric piece from Butora as it wraps the foot snugly. They also mentioned that the pull loops were placed securely at the back of its heel to expedite on and off.

Safe heel-hooking and comfortable

Climbers admire the rear section of this shoe as it makes the heel hooks safe and comfortable at the same time. 

Multi-directional toe-hooking traction

Many climbers mentioned that its' hardy rand and rubber toe patch gave them enough multi-directional toe-hooking traction.

Facts / Specs

Base model: Butora Acro
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit
Downturn: Aggressive
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Synthetic
Last Shape: Asymmetric

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