Our verdict

The Brooks Transcend 7 is a mild stability trainer that's great for moderate overpronators. After pacing it through, I have found that it's fantastically comfortable and supportive for high-mileage recovery runs. For fast sessions, I think it is just too clunky. What's great though, is that for a shoe so well-cushioned, it's surprisingly durable!


  • True to size
  • Smooth, stable ride
  • Perfect for slow runs
  • Plush upper
  • Durable
  • Grips on both wet and dry areas
  • Great for casual & all-day wear


  • Not for severe pronators
  • Heavy
  • Not for warm days
  • Pricey

Audience verdict



Who should buy the Transcend 7

I recommend the Brooks Transcend 7 to mild overpronators who need a stability shoe for high-mileage runs and easy, recovery runs.

Who should NOT but the Transcend 7

The Transcend 7 is not for you if you:

  • need a neutral shoe (in this case, the Brooks Hyperion Tempo is a good option)
  • are looking for a cheaper option (the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is £40 cheaper than the Transcend 7 but praised for its soft cushioning and durability

Brooks Transcend 7 summary

The Brooks Transcend 7 comes to the run with a splendid mix of comfort and low-profile stability. It performs wonderfully on long-distance and recovery runs. The cushion will lead you to feel good and the stability will keep you under control as fatigue sits in.



The Brooks Transcend 7 fits very nicely as expected

It runs true to size and the plush upper hugs the foot nicely. I experienced some wiggle in the shoe but had an issue with lockdown when running.

Heel slips but extra eyelets help

I did have an issue with the heel lockdown. When laced originally, it gave me excessive movement in the heel which led to me rolling my ankle around turns. There is a solution though! Just use ALL the lace holes (including the seldom-used last holes) and you'll be just fine.


Comfort reigns with this shoe!

The Transcend 7 is made for comfort. The combination of the nicely padded upper and the marshmallow-soft midsole pleased my body! I caught myself enjoying slow-paced runs and quickly started wearing the Brooks shoe for casual wear as well as long days at work, requiring a lot of standing.

If you're looking for comfort, you can't go wrong here; even if you don't need the extra support they offer.


Lace-up and enjoy the smooth, stable ride

Comfort and stability mix nicely here for a plush feel that allows you to enjoy a nice long run or an easy recovery day. The GuideRails, which enforce stability without intruding on the natural arch, ensure that you stay neutral. 


A touch of support (and that’s great)

The stability here is not for severe pronation but more for those who just would like a little extra support some days. 

Transcend 7 needs 20+ miles to break in

I jumped right in with the shoe but they really didn't feel fluid and comfortable until after about 20 miles. They are very stiff at first but free up after some break-in time.


Too heavy for fast-paced runs

At 10.7oz/303g, the Brooks Transcend 7 offers solid support but it is a bit heavier compared to most support shoes (weigh 10.3oz/293g on average).

When running you will feel the weight which will limit the pace. On avg, I like to stay around the 8:00/mile mark. With these, I caught myself being comfortable at around 8:30/mile. I certainly didn't mind that though. When getting these, know that you will only use them for easy-paced effort.


Durable and lasting is my impression

The shoe is put together well and its heightened level of cushion and plushness will allow these to last for a long time which is good because the Transcend 7 is ideal for long distances.

Excellent grip on dry and wet roads

I am a road purest, not so much to preference but because of convenience. Brooks Transcend 7was wonderful with grip when it came to road/sidewalk and gravel. I felt extra secure and even on wet roads, these babies gripped excellently.


I can't attest with the light trail but I did run in some grass/dirt during my runs and the same testament of great grip was true.

Not for warm days

The Transcend 7 had a real nice mesh upper with a plush tongue and collar. However, during the summer months when temps are in the 80s -90s, my feet were on fire!


The Transcend 7 is expensive

At £170, the Brooks Transcend 7 is more expensive compared to other stability shoes (average price of £140).


If you're into the more support-based shoe wear, I say to make this shoe a must-have. It has the perfect balance of cushion and support without the overbearing medial post.