Our verdict

If you're on the lookout for a speed-oriented stability trainer, I highly recommend the Brooks Ravenna 11. Not only is it fast, but it also gives my feet the support they need without skimping on cushion. It's a no-brainer. I'd take this shoe anytime, whether it's a tempo run, interval, or race day. All around, it's a great speed trainer, but it just falls short on durability.


  • True to size
  • Snug fit
  • Secure heel lockdown
  • Very comfortable
  • Fast, stable ride
  • Lightweight
  • Impressive traction
  • Very breathable


  • Could use more cushion

Audience verdict





Who should buy it

The Ravenna 11 is ideal for runners who are:

  • moderate overpronators who desire some speed while offering just enough cushion and support
  • looking for a quick and light stability road shoe

Who should NOT buy it

I suggest looking away if you:

The Brooks Ravenna 11 has a snug fit 

I found the Ravenna 11 to fit a bit more snug than other stability models I reviewed, which isn’t necessarily bad. Since this shoe is advantageous for speed, I found the tighter feel to be true to the spirit of the Ravenna 11. 


It's a TTS fit. And as someone who is always wary of ankle and Achilles tightness or strains, the heel felt secure and comfortable.

Secure heel lockdown

I’ve been impressed since day one with just how comfortable and secure the heel collar is for the Ravenna 11. I can run more freely knowing that my heels and Achilles are locked in place, especially when the pace gets cranked up.

The Ravenna 11 is comfortable since day one

I have been comfortable running in the Brooks Ravenna 11 since day one. The weight (266g) and heel-to-toe drop (10mm) both fall on the lighter to moderate side of things, providing for a wonderful ride that makes you wonder just how this is a stability shoe in the first place. 


Stable, quick, and springy ride

I found the ride to be light, responsive, and close to the ground. Yes, the GuideRails helped with stability, but it never felt overbearing or overly restrictive, which I appreciate a tonne! The shoe is springy and fast as advertised. 

However, I wonder if there is room for a bit more cushion throughout the forefoot, especially. 

Weight to wish for!

The Brooks Ravenna 11 weighs 266g - lighter compared to other stability running shoes (average weight: 297g). It may not be as light as a neutral racing shoe, but it is a dream considering the stability and comfort it offers - a unique combination to find!


Not such a long life predicted

Out of the box, the Ravenna 11 feels ideal for quick miles. However, after 40+ miles of testing, I do have my reservations about long slogs in these shoes, or just how many miles they can stay as light and responsive as they are currently. 


What concerns me is:

  1. minimum tread on the outsole
  2. the fabric around the heel collar


Needless to say, time will tell on this question. When it comes to creating durable running shoes, I think Brooks does some fantastic work, and I hope nothing less from the Ravenna 11. 

Wet or dry: this grip won't fail you

One of the nice surprises of the Ravenna 11 has been the traction throughout the outsole. I was able to run mostly on roads, but I added in some gravel, grass, dirt, and asphalt, and felt great on all surfaces. Wet or dry, the outsoles have performed wonderfully with plenty of traction, whether running, hiking, or walking. 


There is noticeably less tread on the Ravenna 11 than other stability models, but given the spirit of speed in mind, the shoe performs wonderfully.

The Brooks Ravenna 11 is race day ready

The Brooks Ravenna 11s are a wonderful combination of speed and stability. While I’m not ready to take the shoe out for ultra distances, I feel comfortable with the shoe when time and speed count. Ideally, I would recommend the shoe for race day, interval training, and tempo runs. 


Breathable even on hot summer days

There is plenty of breathability with the Ravenna 11. The softer mesh upper provides for plenty of ventilation, especially when the pavement gets hot, and the sun keeps blaring down on those roads. 


The shoe looks and feels light and airy, and that is just what you will experience from day one.


Overall, I’m generally impressed with the latest iteration of the Brooks Ravenna. At £120, the Brooks Ravenna 11 is moderately priced.