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Use - The Brooks ELMN8 v3 is specifically engineered for middle-distance races. It is ideal for track running meets that range from 800 meters and up. 

Spike Plate - Appended to the outsole of the track shoe is a Pebax® Rnew distance plate. This spike plate is intended for optimal grip on the track surface, especially during quick turns. It also houses the removable spike pins of the running shoe for versatile traction.

The main idea behind the construction of the ELMN8 v3 from Brooks is to reduce weight, enhance durability, and provide an aggressive grip. That is why its upper is re-engineered with the new, featherlight, one-piece aerodynamic mesh. It is responsible for targeting breathability and security. 

The running spike also sports an updated outsole element. It has a Pebax® Rnew distance plate, delivering maximum propulsion. 

To top it all off, a latex heel pad is added. This component permits better cushioning, providing comfort and protection with every footstrike.

The Brooks ELMN8 v3 runs in men’s sizing measurement. Thus, women are advised to deduct 1.5 from their usual size. This is intended for precise size and fit.

One of the components affecting the fit of the middle-distance spike is its aerodynamic mesh upper. It gives a plush wrap around the foot while locking it in place. For a customizable fit, a classic lacing system is integrated into the upper.

Since the design principle of the Brooks ELMN8 v3 is centered on superior traction, it is configured with a 6-pin Pebax® Rnew distance plate. It runs from the midfoot all the way to the forefoot. 

This plate style maximizes torsional effectiveness, providing stability during quick turns. It also keeps the foot up in a power position for explosive performance.

There is no midsole foam present within the foot chamber to trim down weight. However, in the heel area of the platform, a latex heel pad is welded. This element cushions the heel of the foot for comfort and impact mitigation.

Probably one of the most obvious iterations implemented to the ELMN8 v3 is the incorporation of a new upper. It exhibits a one-piece aerodynamic mesh which is close to translucent. This style is for promoting the elimination of wasted weight. 

The perforations in the material make it a highly breathable running shoe. These micro holes allow air to infiltrate the platform, securing a healthy foot environment. With the sufficient ventilation permitted, the growth of bacteria within the shoe is prevented. 

Similar to the famous running shoe—Nike Zoom 400, this track running spike has a traditional lace-up closure system. It allows for a snug, dialed-in fit. 

Generally, the makeup of the Brooks ELMN8 v3 permits sockless usage.


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