Updates to Brooks Addiction 14

The Brooks Addiction 14 is an update to a roster of motion control running shoes that target excessive overpronation. The way that the materials are constructed together is similar to how they were done in the previous iterations. Still, a change to the upper unit’s configuration ensures heightened breathability in a package that doesn’t look too bulky.


The external pad of the Brooks Addiction 14 is made of HPR Plus, a rubber compound that is touted to be long-lasting and able to properly protect the midsole from wear-and-tear. It generously shields the bottom part of the shoe from the abrasive nature of the surfaces.

A pattern of squares and rectangles offers extra traction over the asphalt. The edges of these individual nodes act like clamps that adhere to the ground. Each element also delivers constant surface contact whenever it is needed.

Flex grooves permit the platform to move naturally with the foot as it goes through the gait cycle.

A Segmented Crash Pad is a set of grooves that are deep enough that they also reach a part of the midsole. The individual segments, while becoming proponents of heightened flexibility, also act as the means of isolating the impact shock generated by the foot-strike to the area that is in contact with the ground.


Engineered mesh is used for the upper unit of the Brooks Addiction 14. This material is one of the standout technologies in the modern era of running shoes, with series like the Saucony Guide sporting it in style. It resembles woven cloth, and it has a seamless construction to deliver a form-fitting and non-irritating coverage. Breathing holes allow air to go through the foot-chamber and maintain a cool and dry in-shoe experience.

Synthetic overlays are printed onto the sides and back of this shoe. These elements are tasked with bolstering the structural integrity and upright position of the upper unit. They also adapt to the tightening or loosening of the fit together with the shoelaces.

A traditional lacing system helps in the attainment of a snug yet secure wrap. Semi-round laces go through discreet eyelets on the roof of this product, and they let the runner adjust the fit to match their liking.

The padded tongue and collar are created as a means of cushioning the topmost portions of the foot. These parts of the upper are how the foot remains steady and safe from accidental removals.


The current trend of Brooks Addiction 14.
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Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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