Who should buy the Boreal Synergy

The Boreal Synergy is a brilliant offering whose great utility and aesthetics come in equal measure. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a climbing shoe that is crafted for senders who need extra forefoot power in tackling challenging climbs.
  • Prefer a climbing shoe that enables wearers to climb with as much precision as possible.
  • Prefer a climbing shoe that delivers freer movements without sacrificing in-shoe security.

Boreal Synergy logo

Provides adequate slip and skid resistance

In Synergy, what provides climbers with adequate slip and skid resistance on different kinds of surfaces is the Boreal-exclusive Zenith Ultra outsole. 

Boreal Synergy outsole

Depending on the size of the pair, its thickness can be anywhere between 4 mm and 4.5 mm.

Boreal Synergy outsole 2

Excellent climbing security

The low-top enclosure of the Boreal Synergy is mainly made of microfiber. It is built with an elastic tongue (integrated) and an inner liner. To help wearers climb with more security, Boreal designers imbued its heel and forefoot zones with a heavy-duty rand.

Boreal Synergy midsole

Excellent toe hooking performance

They also reinforced the Synergy’s toe zone with a rubber rand so that climbers can toe hook with enhanced traction.

Boreal Synergy upper

Excellent fit management system

Its fit management system consists of two hook-and-loop straps.

Boreal Synergy upper 1

Provides assistance when wearing

It has double the heel pull loops as well.

Boreal Synergy loop

Boreal Synergy vs. Dharma

The Synergy in this head-to-head is pitted against another one of Boreal’s quality climbing kicks—the Dharma. Read the points below to discover their differences.

Pricing. On this front, the Synergy bags the crown for being the less-expensive rock climbing shoe. Yes, it is cheaper than the Boreal Dharma by about $40.

Weight. Those who wish to climb as agile as possible might find the Boreal Synergy the better deal in this regard. Indeed, the featured rock shoe is lighter than the Dharma by approximately 20 g.

Midsole. Between the two climb-focused kicks, only the Dharma has a midsole.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 230g
Construction: Slip lasted, Vegan
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit
Downturn: Aggressive
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Synthetic

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Teddy Dondanville
Teddy Dondanville

Teddy is a professionally trained Apprentice Rock Guide with the American Mountain Guides Association and a Wilderness First Responder with the National Outdoor Leadership School. Besides guiding outdoor rock climbing, Teddy also has years of experience in route setting and coaching climbing indoors. Through his guiding, route setting, and coaching, Teddy has experimented with climbing shoes for over a decade.