Updates to Boreal Satori

  • The Boreal Satori, co-developed by some of the best rock climbers the world has ever seen, is built extra sensitive (thanks partly to its slip-lasted construction). It is a vegan-friendly product.
  • This climbing shoe has been updated to give climbers a fresh perspective on how they can tackle a variety of problems. Listed below are some of its improvements.
  • Closure. The remodeled Satori has a simpler closure system in the form of two Velcro straps. It replaces the lacey construction of the lockdown mechanism of its former self.
  • Randing. The protective rand of the refreshed Satori has a unified construction, doing away with the disjointed design of the one seen in the previous build.
  • General profile. Boreal designers updated the Satori with a slimmer silhouette than the one that came before it. They lessened its crookedness around the forefoot.


Downturn. The Satori is highly cambered, making it one of Boreal’s aggressively downturned rock climbing shoes. Its pointed toe zone enables senders to mount on tiny holds with efficiency and pin-point precision.

Applications. This climb-centric Boreal offering is designed for both sport climbing and bouldering. Its components and set of features give it competency on vertical faces and overhanging terrain. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors.


The Boreal Satori is a low-top climbing shoe for men and women. According to the brand, its lined upper has little in the way of stretch. It is built around an asymmetric (curved) last. The Wrap Rand technology with which the shoe is imbued promises optimum fit. A secure lockdown is possible with the shoe’s M2 Fit closure.


Midsole. Underfoot support comes from the Boreal Satori’s highly-sensitive midsole. It is engineered with the Toe Flexion System which, as its name suggests, offers flexibility around the forefoot without sacrificing stiffness.

Outsole. The Satori allows the foot to latch on to different kinds of surfaces with enough adhesion, thanks to its proprietary outsole, called Zenith Pro Ultra. It has a partial construction, with a thickness that can range anywhere between 4 mm and 4.5 mm, depending on the shoe size.


The Boreal Satori’s below-the-ankle upper is made of microfiber. It comes with a liner and an integrated tongue which is highly elastic. It has a protective rand around the toe and forefoot zones for durability and extra climbing grip. The shoe’s M2 Fit closure system consists of a pair of adjustable straps engineered with hook-and-loop fasteners. Completing the upper’s equation are two heel pull loops.


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