Updates to Boreal Joker Lace

  • The Boreal Joker Lace, the Joker’s lace-up sibling, is built for climbers of all skill levels needing a combination of performance and lasting comfort in every send attempt. It comes with some improvements that aim to address the needs of the modern sender.
  • Compared with its former self, the updated Joker Lace has a slimmer-fitting heel zone, thanks to its revamped last. It also now comes with a low-tension heel rand.
  • Its proprietary Zenith outsole replaces the previous model’s FS-Quattro outsole. This grippy component has a groove at the heel to house the CHS (Cushioned Heel System) technology, which provides extra comfort and promises adequate shock absorption on impact.
  • This slip-lasted Boreal rock climbing shoe inherits the technology called Integrated Rand System from the old version. This piece of tech bolsters the Joker Lace’s durability. It also prevents the shoe from getting deformed.


Downturn. The Joker Lace is part of Boreal’s selection of neutral rock shoes. Its practically camber-less front end allows the foot to remain in a relaxed position, enabling wearers to partake in extended climbs and multi-pitch projects with enough comfort.

Applications. This climb-centric offering is intended for boulder-type ascents. Entry-level users and veteran climbers alike may use it in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Boreal’s Joker Lace is a low-cut climbing shoe for men and women. The men and women’s variants are built on two different straight lasts: a heel-hugging type for the men’s, and a low-profile sort for the women’s. As it comes with a leather upper, the shoe might stretch with regular use. A secure and customized lockdown in it is made possible by the shoe’s long lace system.


Midsole. This beginner-friendly rock shoe comes with a semi-stiff midsole for protection and underfoot support. It is designed to withstand contortion and retain its shape for longer.

Outsole. Zenith Quattro is the name of the outsole that actively clings to virtually all kinds of surfaces in the Joker Lace. Its thickness varies and depends on the size of the shoe; it can be anywhere between 4 millimeters and 4.5 millimeters.


The low-top upper of this bouldering shoe is a combination of microfiber and split leather. It has a one-piece liner called Air Net, which leaves the shoe’s interior extra breathable. It is covered with a hard-wearing rand to improve its structural integrity. This rubberized coating also gives additional grip around tricky surfaces. What looks like bunny ears at its heel are two pull loops for on-and-off assistance.

Its fit management system has reinforced eyelets. They work in conjunction with a synthetic lace to keep the foot securely in place.


The current trend of Boreal Joker Lace.
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