Verdict from 5 user reviews

5 reasons to buy

  • Droves of buyers say that the Boreal Ballet Gold is a capable tool for edging.
  • It is a satisfyingly comfortable climbing shoe, according to a lot of individuals.
  • Hordes of users mention that the durability of this climb-centric Boreal offering is nothing short of superb.
  • Based on some consumer reviews, the Ballet Gold’s stiffness provides the ideal support for long ascents.
  • A minority of climbers say that the shoe’s ankle coverage gives ample protection for rocky terrain and rough cracks.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several owners chastise the Boreal Ballet Gold’s outsole for being slick on both rock and artificial surfaces.
  • According to a few purchasers, it is an expensive piece of climbing gear.

Bottom line

A comfortable shoe that’s built for edging - this is what climbers may conclude when they use the Ballet Gold for their send projects. They may also find its durability and support as welcome attributes during a climb. 

However, the outsole of this climbing piece may not be for everyone because of its lack of grip. All in all, the Boreal Ballet Gold may have what it takes to be an outstanding purchase for those who can get past its misfires.

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Good to know

-The Ballet Gold is a climbing shoe from Boreal that provides performance for long free routes and technical terrain. Its high-top split leather upper features a full canvas lining to give durability and breathability.

-The shoe’s full-length midsole supplies a supportive platform to the user. Its proprietary FS-Quattro rubber outsole is engineered to be sticky to help users gain traction on tiny footholds.

Downturn. The Boreal Ballet Gold is a rock climbing shoe with a moderate downturn. Its slightly cambered shape enables climbers to traverse over edges and tiny nubbins with ample precision.

Applications. This climb-centric offering from Boreal is crafted for long multi-pitch routes. Its design makes it suitable for technical crack climbing and send attempts on alpine rock. The Ballet Gold may be used for both indoor and outdoor climbs.

The Boreal Ballet Gold is a high-top rock climbing shoe for men and women. Its split leather upper contains a full canvas lining and lateral stitching to limit stretch. The shoe’s full-length lacing system extends towards the toe box to deliver a secure and personalized lockdown. Moreover, its flat last grants the Ballet Gold with a low symmetrical shape.

Midsole. This climbing piece from Boreal employs a board-lasted construction, which is usually used in high-quality trekking boots. This component is paired with a full-length midsole and insole to render underfoot support when tackling micro edges.

Outsole. The Ballet Gold from Boreal is equipped with a patented FS-Quattro outsole. Its 4.6 to 5.2mm-thick rubber composition is designed to give a balance of grip, hardness, and sturdiness. It is also engineered by Boreal to withstand changes in temperature.

The Boreal Ballet Gold’s split leather upper is lined with a full canvas material to make it both durable and breathable. It contains a lateral stitching feature to keep the upper from stretching. The shoe’s lace closure employs a series of eyelets for fit management. A rubber rand wraps around the upper for abrasion-resistance. The back of the collar houses a pull tab which gives easy on and off to the wearer.

  • Those who are looking for climbing shoes that don’t use animal byproducts may consider a pair made by Evolv. Among their offerings is the Evolv Defy, which is a rock shoe suitable for beginners.


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