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8 reasons to buy

  • Almost everyone who has purchased the Bontrager Circuit commends its closure system’s quick tighten-and-release functions.
  • A lot of buyers deem this model to be an excellent road cycling shoe given its price tag.
  • Many users appreciate this footwear’s satisfying comfort.
  • The Bontrager Circuit feels lightweight, which further enhances rides, according to several cyclists.
  • Some consumers love the model’s look and design.
  • This bike shoe features well-made materials and construction, according to a number of owners.
  • It provides adequate grip for smooth surfaces, says a couple of wearers.
  • The footwear functions wonderfully while on the road, a few riders claim.

4 reasons not to buy

  • This Bontrager model’s cut around the top of the foot feels a little high which causes rubbing, according to a few wearers. They add that it isn’t necessarily uncomfortable, it just feels odd.
  • A couple of stiff sole aficionados find this pair’s sole to lack a bit of rigidity.
  • An expert reviewer claims that it feels relatively heavier than the high-end road shoes.
  • An authority in cycling footgear wishes there were two dials provided for a more customized fit.

Bottom line

The Bontrager Circuit is an entry-level road shoe that’s lauded for its performance efficiency and relatively budget-friendly cost. Packed with great features, this shoe offers both looks and performance, making it a top choice for cyclists on a budget.

Overall, it is considered to be a seriously capable cycling shoe despite a few minor niggles.

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Good to know

Who is it for? This Bontrager road shoe was developed for beginner road cyclists who are looking for an affordable option that performs efficiently while on the saddle. 

Its BOA closure is recommended for riders who want to access fit adjustment even while on the go. 

What is it good for? The averagely stiff sole can be used for training and leisurely rides. 

The shoe’s universal cleat system can be suitable for road, mountain or even spin bike sessions. However, be informed that the soles aren’t designed for off-bike use for long periods of time.

Power transfer. The Bontrager Circuit employs a nylon composite Bronze series sole. This material is composed of 85% nylon and 15% fiberglass. Power is delivered through the bike via these soles. 

Moreover, the sole’s PowerTruss construction is engineered to be adequately stiff without adding unnecessary weight. They have a rating of 7 out of 14 in the brand’s stiffness index chart, which means they perform well while also yielding enough flex.

Ventilation. Window pockets are placed in the outsole to provide excellent airflow throughout the foot.

This footwear is compatible with both three-bolt and two-bolt cleat systems. Shoes that accommodate both systems are more commonly known to have universal cleat systems. Take note that the two-bolt mountain plate is sold separately.

If you choose to use the three-bolt system, these are the pedals you can try Shimano 5800 SPD-SL, Time XPro 10, and Look Keo 2 Max. For two-bolt pedals, check out the following: Shimano XT M8000 XC Race, Nukeproof Horizon CS CrMo Trail, and Crank Brothers Mallet E.

Easy adjustments. The Bontrager Circuit employs a BOA L6 dial to govern the midfoot and top-most area of the foot. The dial can be tightened in increments and can be completely loosened in an instant. The forefoot area is secured by a single Velcro strap. Both can be adjusted while on the go.

Comfort. The upper is crafted from 56.9% PU, 10.5% Polyester, 32.2% Nylon, and 0.4% Steel. While the inner lining is made of 100% Polyester. This yields a supple yet supportive fit.

This bike shoe features the brand’s inForm Race last, which is designed with a slightly roomier fit. This extra room aims to enhance comfort throughout the whole foot.


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