Our verdict


The Bont Vaypor's cycling-specific elements such as anatomically shaped last that provides comfort and full uni-directional carbon soles that yield efficient power transfer could significantly contribute towards a pleasant time on the bike. If these features fall right up your alley, then it might be a great shoe to try.


  • Lightweight
  • Impeccable comfort
  • Super-stiff soles
  • Customizable fit
  • Excellent quality materials


  • Limited colorway options
  • Achieving the correct fit could take many tries

Who should buy the Bont Vaypor

The Bont Vaypor road shoe is a handmade pair that’s equipped with essential performance features. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a cycling shoe that efficiently transfers the power through the ball of the foot and directly into the pedal.
  • Prefer a cycling shoe that is completely customizable.
  • Prefer a cycling shoe that lets toes move freely. 

Who is it good for? 

This road shoe by Bont features elements that are suitable for road cyclists who love uber-stiff soles and anatomically shaped shoes instead of super narrow ones.

What makes it different? 

The Bont Vaypor full-carbon soles are made by hand. Carbon and uni-directional carbon fiber are sandwiched together and then embedded into an epoxy thermo resin. This yields super lightweight and stiff soles ideal for road sessions.

Lightweight, durable, and stiff uni-directional carbon fiber 

As mentioned in the Construction section above, this pair’s soles are crafted from 100% carbon materials. Uni-directional carbon fiber is placed in areas optimal during pedaling, while standard carbon is used for the rest of the sole. This outsole design is light, durable, and stiff.

Replaceable rubber pads

Renewable rubber sole pads can be serviced for efficient traction throughout usage. This feature helps lengthen the shoe’s life.

Secures the foot in place

All Bont cycling shoes feature a medial arch structure that helps keep the foot in place, avoiding overpronating. This prevents injuries over time.

The traditional three-bolt cleat design

The Bont Vaypor shoe utilizes the traditional three-bolt cleat design. Some of the pedals that are compatible with this model are Shimano Ultegra R8000, Time Xpro 12, and Shimano Dura-Ace R9100. A microgrid is also printed in the cleat area which serves as a guide for precise cleat positioning.

Comfortable cushioning 

This Bont footwear utilizes closed-cell memory foam for added cushioning and comfort. It also helps in not retaining water that keeps the shoe light even if it is soaked.

Snug fit

Crafted from microfiber material, this pair’s upper can withstand dynamic cycling and provides a snug fit for efficient pedaling.

Lasting fit

An anti-stretch material is enveloped between the microfiber and inner lining so that the fit will stay the same over time.

Adjustable Velcro strap

The combination of a ratchet buckle and Z-form Velcro straps govern this pair’s retention system. The Velcro strap is responsible for the forefoot area and can be adjusted even while on the saddle.

The ratchet buckle is micro-adjustable and replaceable. The ladder or strap is available in three lengths that accommodates different instep types.

Provides toe protection and excellent stability

A TPU toe protector safeguards the front area from wheel rubs and impacts. It also features ventilation holes for excellent airflow throughout the shoe.

Anatomical heel cups help keep the foot stay inside the shoe. It also offers stability while pedaling.

Size and fit

Anatomical last design. Compared to the traditional narrow last of most cycling shoes, Bont bike shoes’ lasts are shaped after human feet. This means that the shape is relatively wider and mimics real human feet.

Customizable fit. The Bont Vaypor can be heat-molded after the wearer’s foot.

Nice to know

The serviceable parts of this shoe are the following: insoles, TPU toe protective guard, rubber sole pads, ratchet buckle, and ladder.