Black Diamond Technician notable features

-The Technician from Black Diamond is built for approach-slash-climbing folks who need extra precision in their step. Thanks to its EnduroKnit upper, it is capable of keeping the foot as ventilated as possible.

-On the underfoot comfort front, the Technician relies on its tuned midsole. When it comes to surface traction, on the other hand, the hiker uses a BD-exclusive outsole, called BlackLabel-Mountain.

-Getting in and out of its plush confines is one of the shoe’s unique features. This is made possible by giving the hiker a half-bootie tongue.

Size and fit

Black Diamond’s Technician is a low-top approach shoe for men and women. For a casual fit, buyers are advised to get it in a half size larger than their street shoe size. Lockdown security is possible via the shoe’s lace-up closure, which has a to-the-toe construction for extra fit personalization.


The Black Diamond Technician is armed with the BlackLabel-Mountain rubber outsole for multi-surface traction. It can dig into soft earth or loose soil with its low-profile protrusions (also known as lugs or studs). The smooth, tread-less construction of its front tip is called “climbing zone,” a feature with which hikers can perform edging and smearing maneuvers efficiently.


On the cushioning front, owners of the Technician have the shoe’s heavy-duty midsole to thank. It is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)—a material that is mostly known for its lightness, resilience, and shock absorbency. Its zonal comfort and protectiveness come from its stiff yet springy construction. It comes paired with a stock insole to give adventurers an even more comfy ride.


The breathable shell of the Black Diamond Technician—the EnduroKnit upper—is made of high-grade knit fabric. Both its sturdy heel and lightweight tongue are furnished with synthetic pull loops for easy on and off.

A protective film covers its bottom perimeter, delivering additional defenses against abrasive hazards. What provides hikers with enough toeing traction on low-grade climbs, on the other hand, is a rubberized rand stationed at its front end.

The Technician’s upper equation comes full circle with the approach shoe’s fit management system. It uses reinforced lace holes for eyelets, the midfoot ones of which are built extra sturdy with heavy-duty straps made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It comes with a round synthetic lace.

Nice to know

-Outdoorsy folks might want to pair the Technician with the Black Diamond Momentum, a climbing shoe with a breathable knit upper.


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