Balenciaga Speed 2.0: Same style, better flexibility and support

Balenciaga released the Speed Trainer in 2016, the same year the Balenciaga Triple S was launched. Many scrutinized its one-off look with a price tag that costs an arm and leg. Some described the Speed Trainers as scuba shoes, while some think it looks like an ordinary sock seated on top of a rubber sole.

However, some who have a keen eye for fashion gave the Speed Trainer its proper attention and praises. With celebrities' help, the Speed Trainer catapulted to popularity by mere sightings of these sneakers on their social media accounts. Several celebrities like the Kardashians were seen wearing these sock-like kicks, which set the Speed Trainer on fire. 

For the brand's Summer 2020 collection, Balenciaga updated these Speed Trainers, launching the 2.0 version. Without changing the overall look, the brand thought of changing the rubber sole for a better wearer experience.

Fresh update

Pampering your feet while feeling high-fashion is what the Balenciaga Speed 2.0 is all about. Here are a few details this better version iteration has to offer:

  • The designer aims to provide extra support and flexibility to its wearers; thus, the Speed Trainer's signature chunky sole has been split into five segments.
  • It has a pillow-like terry cloth lining that offers super-soft cushioning.
  • This kick is constructed with stretchable 3D knit upper material. This technology strategically hugs the foot and ankle on areas that need support the most. 
  • It has a cushy insole suited for all-day street strutting.


The current trend of Balenciaga Speed 2.0.
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