Who should buy the Balenciaga Defender

Aside from Balenciaga collectors with a lot of cash to spare, the following are also good targets for this sneaker:

  • wearers who prefer to use bulky statement pieces
  • buyers who want something that can be worn pain-free for long hours on end
  • users who are on the lookout for sneakers that they can use for a long time
  • shorter sneakerheads who appreciate a little elevation

Who should NOT buy this sneaker from Balenciaga

Balenciaga has long been associated with luxury (and high prices), so it's futile to expect budget models to come out from their factories. However, some options are less pricey than the Defender. Those who find the Defender too expensive can go for the Balenciaga Speed 2.0; it is a pretty good pick. This shoe is also good for those who despise the loud and bulky structure of the Defender because it has a sleek and close-to-the-skin fit.

Those who have issues with the fit of the Defender might be happier with the Tyrex, also from Balenciaga. This sneaker gets more consistent praise when it comes to fit. 

The Balenciaga Defender delivers

In terms of utility, a sneakerhead acknowledges that this shoe from Balenciaga "checks all the boxes" for him. This means that it's comfortable and versatile enough to be worn in various contexts.

The Defender is attractive!

A good number of users are happy with how the Balenciaga Defender looks, saying that it looks cool. "The more I look at them, the more I fall in love with them," says one initial skeptic around them. Another says that this has one of his most favored Balenciaga silhouettes ever.

...and quite revolutionary, too!

Two wearers report that the aesthetics of the Balencia Defender is quite different from the usual. "[It looks] so phenomenal to me," says one of them. Another says the style is so unique and so "out of people's comfort zones." To add context, this shoe is inspired by tires. The whole outsole is covered by patterns that we usually see on heavy-duty truck tires. 

Its looks can be polarizing

As is the case with any revolutionary offer, not all people are expected to wholeheartedly embrace this shoe. Although she is pretty much in love with the Balenciaga Defender, one avid sneakerhead acknowledges that this shoe is "not everyone's cup of tea." 

The midsole is uniquely bouncy

A wearer points out that walking in the Balencia Defender feels like "walking with a ball under your feet. She admits that this is an "odd feeling" indeed, but she also clarifies that this is not at the detriment of comfort. She says that this makes each stride "interesting but very comfortable." This might be because the midsole can add a bounce or spring to the wearer's every step. 

The fit is quite tricky

Not everyone reports that the fit is true to size. Given the shoe's bulkiness, it is not surprising that some say that they had to go down at least half a size to get the right fit. With this, it is wise to find ways to try this shoe in-store before making any online purchase.

The Defender is seriously about comfort

The shoe feels really good on the feet that even the reviewer who has quite a lot to say about the shoe's price concedes that it is "actually extremely comfy." She compares it with other Balenciaga shoes that are released at about the same time, and she concludes that the Defender is still the more comfortable pick. 

"[This is the] comfiest pair of Balenciaga sneakers I've had in a long time," says one very satisfied wearer.

Do not doubt this shoe's sturdiness

As mentioned, this shoe gets inspiration from tires. Tires are of course highly resistant to abrasion, so it should not be a surprise if this shoe is big on durability, too! One reviewer even expects this shoe to "last a lifetime." She adds that even if she beats this shoe up because of frequent usage, she still sees that it's "gonna age up gracefully."

The quality is to die for, y'all!

The shoe's sturdiness must come from the quality of the materials used to make it. A wearer shares that the materials are of "such amazing quality" so she doesn't feel ripped off at all.  "I can get my foot run over and I'd be fine," she adds.

Support is great

The lockdown that this shoe gives is so good that one wearer declares that her feet are surely not going anywhere when she wears the Defender. 

It adds to your height

This shoe sits a little high off the ground. "Your girl is up there," shares a very happy wearer. She estimates that this shoe adds around 1.5 to 2 inches to her height. Is she pleased with this? Of course!

Worth it for some, but too pricey for others

A wearer acknowledges that the Balenciaga Defender is comfortable and all, but she regretfully shares that this shoe's "extremely high price point" is going to be its Waterloo. She adds that any buyer can get better deals for the same amount or even less.

It comes with extra laces and a bag

As a luxury item, there's not much that can be done about the price of the Balenciaga Defender. If it's any consolation, this shoe does come with extra laces and a bag.  

Facts / Specs

Style: Chunky, Dad
Top: Low
Closure: Slip-on
Material: Mesh, Nylon / Fabric
Season: Summer
Features: No lace / Designer
Origin: Asian

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