Who should buy the Babolat SFX3 All Court

The SFX3 All Court may not belong to Babolat’s premium tennis shoe collection seen widely among players on tours, but this is one of the brand’s excellent choices for club players looking for an all-around performer. Players mentioned that it is best suited for players with wide feet who value breathability and durability. Its key storyline includes:

  • Pliable mesh covering with adequate ventilation
  • Plush heel cushioning 
  • Advanced layered memory foam insole
  • Michelin-performance outsole with long-lasting traction 

Who should not buy the Babolat SFX3 All Court

Numerous owners feel that this footgear needs more stability across the top as it flexes liberally. Also, several narrow-footed wearers find the forefoot to be too roomy. If you are looking for a solid all-around shoe that offers a good balance of comfort and stability without much sacrifice, you might want to check the Asics Gel Challenger 13.

Updates to the Babolat SFX3 All Court

Upper structure. Players who have tried on the flagship SFX and its subsequent model will instantly spot the noticeable difference in the upper’s DNA. The SFX models come out sleeker as it goes through some modifications. The third generation departs from the thick synthetic overwrap used in the earlier models to welcome a lighter dual-layer mesh outer shell. The improved upper design is created to boost flexibility, reduce excessive weight, and enhance airflow. 

Adaptive fit. From a poorly fitted second version, the multi-court SFX3 is modified with a wider last, which is a step up to the narrow width assembly of the SFX2.  Because of such a standout feature, this trainer garnered a fanbase among wide-footed players. This footgear is also equipped with internal straps plotted along the midfoot base and heel up to the laces to ensure a secured fit. 

Ergonomic insole. The updated SFX3 offers a more ergonomic insole made of dual-density memory foam than the standard models by the brand. It molds to the contour of the foot to provide padding and comfort where it’s needed. 

Renders optimum grip, stability, and durability

Players who tested this shoe stated that it delivers optimum grip, stability, and durability across all surfaces. With this factor, they mentioned that it makes the SFX3 one of the tennis shoes in the market with a stable base.

Innovative heel system

Players stated that the heel takes up loads of pressure during landings as it is safeguarded by Babolat’s innovative Kompressor System. 

Springy rear end

Players mentioned that when the heel strikes the ground, the shock is absorbed by the foam and rubber components. They stated that the energy is compressed homogenously into each of the rubber tubes and after compression, the rubber tubes spring back to their original shape and restore strength. 

Responsive support tech

With its responsive support system, alleviate pressure from nine sensitive points of the foot.  By addressing the impact issues around these regions, the wearer can perform better and longer whichever court surface they play in.

Breathable covering

Players mentioned that it has an excellent airflow across the top, flexibility, comfort during movements, and enduring value for longer hours of play.

Protective toe shield

Players mentioned that it dispensed an extra layer of toe guard to safeguard the tip of the shoe against abrasion during serves and toe drags. 

Supportive fit

Players stated that the straps run along the midfoot base and heel up to the laces. These internal straps clinch the top to provide an adaptive fit. 

Comfortable cushioning

Players loved the comfort this shoe offers. They stated that it provides comfort during extended hours on the court. It takes up the shape of the foot to provide relief where it’s needed. 

Nice to know

  • Babolat’s SFX series turned out to be one of the most popular lineups by the brand for two reasons. The SFX shoes are designed to be extremely comfortable and fit players with wider feet. 

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 410g / Women 315g
Shoe Type: All Court
Features: Breathable
Construction: Cushioned
Material: Mesh upper
Technology: Michelin
BRAND Brand: Babolat

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Brenton Barker
Brenton Barker

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