Jonathan Hinojosa

Jonathan Hinojosa

Johnny is an outdoors nut with a passion for football, baseball, running and hiking. He loves to watch sports as much as he loves to play. He likes to spend his time working out, watching and playing sports, or spending time chasing his sons around parks, zoos or theme parks.

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Nike Metcon 7

Nike Metcon 7 review The gold standard of lifting shoes has a new installment, and it is just what you need. There are a few lines of shoes that are known for being the staple in their application, es[…]

Nike Free Metcon 4

Nike Free Metcon 4 review Well, ladies and gentlemen, Nike did it again, and are we really surprised? The Nike Free Metcon 4 is an amazing, versatile shoe that will do pretty much whatever you need it[…]

Nike MC Trainer

Nike MC Trainer review While I may come off in my reviews as a major Nike fan, it is really that I am just a fan of great shoes, and the MC Trainer definitely hit that mark. If you need a shoe to look[…]

Puma Enzo 2

Puma Enzo 2 review The Enzo 2 from Puma has the potential to be a great fitting shoe for your training needs, but it falls a bit short. With branded elastic cross straps, they are convenient to slip o[…]

Under Armour Charged Pursuit 2

Under Armour Charged Pursuit 2 review The Under Armour Charged Pursuit 2 Twist is not the prototypical running shoe that other companies have pushed. It doesn't have flashy looks or aerodynamic design[…]

La Sportiva Jackal

La Sportiva Jackal review The La Sportiva Jackal is a killer trail runner with great support and amazing tread to keep you on the trail and upright. La Sportiva FriXion® XT 2.0 rubber outsoles mak[…]

Adidas Fluidflow

Adidas Fluidflow review The Adidas Fluidflow is a good running shoe for a good price. If you don’t want to break the bank and want a shoe that just gets the job done and doesn’t do anythin[…]

Adidas Alphaboost

Adidas Alphaboost review If you want a great-fitting, sharp-looking neutral shoe that is going to breathe easily and let you feel like you are running on a cloud, the Adidas Alphaboost is the right sh[…]

Nike Varsity Compete TR 2

Nike Varsity Compete TR 2 review I didn’t know what to expect out of the Varsity Compete TR 2’s from Nike, but what I got was a solid shoe that had great grip, good breathability, and a fl[…]

Nike Metcon Sport

Nike Metcon Sport review The Nike Metcon sport is a solid lifting shoe designed to best tailor to the everyday lifter. It meets medium and wide foot lifters on good ground, uncommon for Nike, and give[…]