Who should buy Astral TR1 Mesh 

The Astral TR1 Mesh is a highly recommended shoe for outdoor enthusiasts who need the following:

  • a quick-drying amphibious shoe for water hiking and various water activities
  • a super breathable, lightweight option for summer
  • a water shoe with wide toebox for wide and swelling feet

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Who should NOT buy the shoe

Given its 20 mm thick sole and a 1 mm heel-to-toe differential, this Astral shoe is definitely not meant for long-distance hikes on challenging terrain. For more serious hiking endeavors, you will be better off with a shoe like Merrell Moab 3 or Salomon X Ultra 4.

Astral TR1 Mesh lightweight upper

For water hiking, Astral Mesh is hard to beat

The shoe's ability to shed water through its mesh upper and special drainage ports in the sole astonished a lot of reviewers. Those who took the shoe fishing, canoeing, and hiking through the creeks found it hard to believe how fast the water got away from the interiors. What's more, it also dried remarkably fast asfterwards.

The shoe made its wearers forget about stinky feet once and for all. They were able to seamlessly transition from the trail to the cafe without feeling uncomfortable.

Astral TR1 Mesh drainage

Astral's high-friction outsole

Plenty of positive feedback went to the shoe's G15 rubber and 5-mm lugs. This combinations created an extra tacky platform which made the wearers surefooted in a variety of slippery conditions: moss and slime-covered rocks, wet grass, slick decks, and more. Someone who wore the TR1 Mesh fishing in quicker currents, was amazed with its ability to hold on to the rocks underneath.

Astral TR1 Mesh outsole traction

Well-judged fit of the TR1 Mesh

The majority of reviewers highlighted the shoe's wide toebox. It roomy confines accommodated wide feet as well as feet prone to swelling during the hike.

No blisters or irritation have been reported and most hikers were able to comfortably wear this Astral shoe sockless.

Astral TR1 Mesh fit

Sufficient protection for hikes

As opposed to most water shoes which are limited to the beach and water bodies, the Astral TR1 Mesh can actually take you out on a trail. As one reviewer puts it, "these shoes have body," meaning that there is enough underfoot protection for a moderate hike. Another tester walked 8 miles comfortably and said she "wouldn’t hesitate to take them even on a longer hike."

Astral TR1 Mesh cushion

Quality you can cunt on

Those who have worn the shoe for more than a few months speak of the shoe's impressive wear resistance. In particular, one person has covered a total of 300 miles in the Astral Mesh and says that "they remain in excellent condition." Another person has had the shoe for a whopping 5 years, taking it through salt water, sand, rocks, and hot sun and the shoe still remains in a functional condition.

Astral TR1 Mesh durability

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 301g / Women 253g
Use: Light Hiking, Water hiking
Cut: Low cut
Features: Lightweight / Breathable / Orthotic friendly / Zero drop / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Water repellent
Width: Normal

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