Verdict from 4 experts and +100 user reviews

11 reasons to buy

  • A majority of users were amazed that the Asolo Drifter GV felt comfortable right out of the box with little-to-no break-in period required.
  • Though it is an ultra-expensive hiking boot, a couple of users commented that it’s worth every penny.
  • A number of users admired the performance of the shoe against moist, rain and snow. They attested that their feet remained dry and warm.
  • Users appreciated the boot for having plenty of toe box room which allowed their toes to wiggle freely.
  • According to several wearers, there were no blisters, no foot problems and no hot spots after miles of using the Asolo Drifter GV.
  • Despite the seemingly large amount of support and sturdiness it offers, a handful of users admired the boot for being lightweight.
  • Many praised the easy-to-adjust lacing system which prevents heel slippage and unnecessary foot movements in the shoe.
  • Users were impressed with the flexibility of the Asolo Drifter GV.
  • An expert was surprised that the nimble boots are sturdy and rugged enough for running up a mountain.
  • A couple of users who had foot problems were amazed at how the Drifter GV gave them the ankle support they need.
  • The shock absorption of the shoe is impressive, as observed by an expert.

5 reasons not to buy

  • A few users noted that the traction of the shoe on wet surfaces is unsatisfactory.
  • The stitches on the side of the boot quickly unravel, as experienced by some disappointed users.
  • Those with high arches had to replace the insoles for added support.
  • Some users felt that the shoes were too wide for them that they had to double up on their socks.
  • According to a moderate number of users, the insole that came with the boot is a bit rigid and skimpy, so they have had to replace the insole for a better fit.

Bottom line

The Asolo Drifter GV is a worthy investment as it offers comfort, support and protection while being lightweight. It received praises for its lacing system. Users said that it felt comfortable right out of the box with little-to-no break-in period required. The shoe is sturdy and stiff, yet still offers flexibility. It also absorbs impact when tackling uneven terrains. Despite wet conditions, the hikers’ feet remained warm and dry. It had insole, stitching, fit and sizing issues which rendered some hikers disappointed. It’s not the best for wet surfaces, as noticed by a few.

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Good to know

  • Asolo Drifter GV's outsole utilizes the Radiant technology, a project developed by Asolo in cooperation with Vibram. It is a combination of design, materials and processes which delivers efficient performance and grip.
  • The Radiant outsole has aggressive heel boots and the Aso-brake system that function together for an enhanced grip. This sole, combined with the EVA mono-density midsole, improves comfort and foot control. The midsole also has the Lite 2 anatomic footbed, which cushions and gives lightweight support.
  • GTX Performance Comfort technology offers breathability and prevents water from penetrating. It helps maintain the user’s feet comfortable and dry. High tenacity nylons that comprise the upper are abrasion resistant and help keep the breathability of the boot.

This hiking boot from Asolo is offered in sizes for men and women. It makes use of speed hooks to keep laces aligned and to bring a comfortable fit. The padded collar adds comfort. From the top, there is a third set of eyelets designed to help prevent heel lifting.

The Vibram Radiant outsole helps hikers during descents with its aggressive performance and grip. The heel boots and Aso-brake system work together to aid the wearer when tackling steep, downward trails. The forefoot design of the outsole gives improved protection, support and pronation control. Pronation is the natural movement of the foot and refers to the way it rolls inward for distribution of impact upon striking the ground.

The midsole of the Drifter GV utilizes EVA mono-density foam and Lite 2 anatomic footbed. The EVA foam provides cushioning and comfort while acting as a shock absorber during hikes and descents. The one that conforms to the foot and adds lightweight support is the Lite 2. Both provide extra comfort and cushioning to the wearer.

The Asolo Drifter GV is a durable product which combines water-resistant suede leather and high tenacity nylon to give breathability and water protection. They are abrasion resistant and help maintain a breathable in-shoe environment. This combination is the reason why the Drifter GV manages to have flexibility. Areas that are exposed to pressure and impacts, like the toe-box, forefoot and heel are reinforced for extra protection. The high-cut of the boot provides ankle support.

The GTX lining will keep the feet dry for long-hour comfort. This technology prevents water from seeping in and perspiration from building up. It is breathable and offers moderate insulation.

The Asolo Drifter GV also has a gusseted tongue which helps keep water and debris away. The rubber toe cap protects against accidental stubbing on surfaces.

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