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This pair of Asics volleyball shoes is designed for indoor court use. It employs a heel-to-toe rubber that is crafted to be durable. It provides grip on polished surfaces but also has a unique feature that makes it easy to move when needed.

Several technologies are found in the midsole. The FlyteFoam provides responsive cushioning to aid in quick movements. Meanwhile, the Gel components deliver targeted comfort. As for steadiness, a hard plastic reinforces the arch section.

Foot containment is no issue with the upper of the Asics Volley Elite FF. It is made of soft mesh for comfort and breathability. Meanwhile, the foamed collar helps with the secure lockdown of the heel.

The style and construction of this trainer is the template for the Asics Volley Elite FF MT. It also uses the same technologies from the outsole up to the material of the top. However, the primary difference is the style of the upper. The Volley Elite FF MT is a mid-top volleyball footwear, which may be suited to players looking for more ankle support.

Traction. The underside of the Asics Volley Elite FF is covered with rubber. This outsole compound is created to be highly durable, so it doesn’t quickly lose its grip with regular use.

The lines on the underside act like a squeegee on the floor. They amplify the adherence of the material to the surface for improved stopping power. It is also non-marking, so you won’t have to worry about leaving ugly streaks on the court.  

Movement. Circular features can be found in some sections of the outsole. This is called the Octopod Outsole Pattern. Because rubber is inherently grippy, the Octopods make it easier for players to turn quickly without hurting their knees.

Protection. The rubber wraps the front of the shoe. It serves as a bumper that protects against bumps and friction.

Agility. The FF in this Asics volleyball trainers stands for FlyteFoam. It is a midsole technology that integrates organic super fibers in the foam, making it light and airy. It can rapidly bounce back to its original form, aiding in energized steps and soft landings.

The footgear has a 10 mm offset. The heel is slightly higher than the forefoot, putting the wearer in the attack stance. The weight of the person is on the balls of the feet, making it easier for them to move forward or jump.

Comfort. Another popular Asics innovation found in the Asics Volley Elite FF is the Gel component. This colloidal substance is placed under the forefoot and rearfoot sections. Its adaptive nature allows it to deliver precise shock-absorption where it is needed. It also facilitates a smooth toe-off during the walking cycle.

Inside the footwear is the molded EVA sockliner. This design is intended to cradle the hindfoot while also providing arch support. This type of insole prevents in-shoe slippage and amplifies comfort and rebound.

Stability. The foam cushioning is soft and very flexible. To prevent injuries to the arch, Asics added the Trusstic System Technolgy to this model. It is a hard plastic that strengthens the midfoot without making the shoe feel heavy.

Full coverage. An open-mesh fabric is used for the top of the Asics Volleyb Elite FF. This material allows air to cool the inside of the footgear and prevent the foot from overheating. 

Synthetic overlays are used abundantly on the upper. They resemble Venetian blinds in design. They protect the underlying fabric against abrasion without reducing breathability.

Lockdown. A traditional lace-up closure decorates the instep of the Volley Elite FF. It allows for fit customization and enhancing foothold.

The collar of this trainer features Asics’ Personalized Heel Fit or PHF. It uses two layers of memory foam that are designed to follow the shape of the wearer’s hindfoot. It increases heel containment and comfort.

The sockliner in the Asics Volley Elite FF is removable. It can be replaced with custom orthotics for additional comfort or support. It can also just be removed to make more room and accommodate the use of sports ankle braces.

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