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6 reasons to buy

  • Several purchasers have observed that the jumping spike is very comfortable.  
  • Quite a few commend the lightness of the track shoe. 
  • A number of users claim that the high jumping spike improved their performance.
  • Buyers state that the track spike has great value for its price. 
  • Many reviewers appreciate the durability of the high jumping shoe. 
  • It has a versatile function, claimed some jumpers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Quite a few customers have expressed that the shoe is too tight. 
  • It restricts foot movements, commented some wearers.

Bottom line

Engineered for jumpers of all abilities, the Asics Turbo Jump 2 features durable and reliable components. With its composition, it offers a firm foot plant before takeoff. Sporting a configuration that boosts support and traction, the Turbo Jump 2 promotes a powerful jumping performance.

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Good to know

Use - The Turbo Jump 2 is another notable jumping spike from Asics, fashioned for high jumping. It is meant to accommodate athletes at all levels—may it be in training or in competition. Its design promotes an even planting of the foot during takeoff for the optimal leap. 

Spike Type - The track shoe is furnished with removable pyramid spikes, allowing versatile traction. These pins are ⅜ inch in length, offering stability. 

Spike Plate - The spike plate of the track jumping shoe has a solid rubber composition. It is meant for durability and for housing the removable spike pins of the shoe. Moreover, rubber is known for having good surface traction for a robust takeoff.

To garner a positive reception from the market, the Asics Turbo Jump 2 features a top-notch componentry.

One of the notable fine-tuning made to the track spike is the integration of the SharkDuo outsole. It increases the slip resistance of the shoe. 

Moreover, the high jumping shoe keeps the platform symmetrical to maximize the takeoff of the jumper. 

Lastly, the track jumping spike features a redesigned upper for an improved and updated look.

This second iteration to the Asics Turbo Jump series is available in unisex sizing. It is listed on men’s sizing scale. Thus women are advised to go 1.5 sizes down. 

The Turbo Jump 2 is furnished with a synthetic and mesh upper that gives a lightweight, breathable fit. It employs a dual closure system—traditional lace-up closure and hook-and-loop fastening system. These help lock the foot down in place. For a reinforced upper, synthetic overlays are added.

The outsole of the Asics Turbo Jump 2 is equipped with a full-length solid rubber outsole. It is responsible for the durability and surface grip of the shoe. This outsole component also houses the pyramid spikes of the shoe for additional traction. 

Another underfoot element of the track shoe is the SharkDuo outsole. It is intended to give a stable track performance to the wearer as it improves the slip-resistant properties of the spike. 

The same outsole design is found in the Asics Cosmoracer MD and Asics Long Jump Pro

Lastly, Turbo Jump 2 has a symmetrical platform, delivering a powerful leap for unmatched performance.

Situated in the midsole of the Turbo Jump 2 is Asics’ very own SpEVA midsole. It has shock-attenuating properties that protect the foot from possible injuries. Moreover, it is known for employing a featherlight composition. 

The SpEVA is also tasked with the in-shoe cushioning of the platform. With its makeup, it generates comfort within the track shoe.

Just like the first model of the Asics Turbo Jump collection, the Turbo Jump 2 is equipped with a synthetic and mesh upper. These help in providing a foot-conforming wrap and breathability. These materials are also featherlight, complementing the momentum build’-up of the high jumper. 

Synthetic overlays are also furnished to the upper. These help in promoting the jumping shoe’s structural integrity. 

For an adjustable fit, a lace-up closure system is implemented. This is accompanied by the high jump spike’s hook-and-loop closure. It pushes the foot down into the midsole for security.


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