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5 reasons to buy

  • Most Asics SonicSprint users say that this track running shoe is very comfortable.
  • A lot of users appreciate the shoe for its value for money.
  • Several reviewers of the SonicSprint like the shoe's excellent durability.
  • Some of the wearers commend the shoe being lightweight yet sturdy enough for their competitions.
  • The majority of SonicSprint users praise the shoe's outsole for having a reliable grip.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of users say that the shoe has hard arches, making it a bit uncomfortable.
  • One user has mentioned that the back of the spikes was rubbing against his heels, which made it a bit bothersome during his run.

Bottom line

The Asics SonicSprint track running shoe will take any athlete's speed to the next level. The majority of its users have been saying nothing but good reviews about the shoe. This pertains mostly to its great value for money and the comfort it brings during their races. Very minimal issues were found on the SonicSprint, making it a reliable track and field shoe for any middle-distance runners who are serious about their performance.

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Good to know

Use - The Asics Sonicsprint is a shoe that is engineered for top-performing sprinters. Whether it is the 100m, 200m, or the short hurdles, the SonicSprint is ideal for those who seek high-performance experience on the track.

Spike Type - The shoe uses removable Pyramid spikes with a six-pin spike configuration. It enhances forefoot support and also increases control over challenging curves.

Spike Plate - Just like the popular Nike Zoom Rival S 9 track shoe, the SonicSprint is outfitted with a sturdy Pebax Plate, which makes it lightweight. It also offers a stable platform for all levels of sprint training. The Pebax spike plate also helps in optimizing the 'shoe's flexibility while maximizing durability.

The SonicSprint uses the sturdy Pebax Plate on its outsole, which provides an excellent platform for building speed. It also features the removable six-pin spike configuration. It is positioned to the exact needs of sprinters for start, push, and finish.

The shoe has a form-fitting upper that features a lightweight yet supportive synthetic leather. It enhances the 'athlete's control while turning sharp curves on the track. This closed mesh upper material also helps in preventing debris from entering the shoe, while maintaining breathability to keep the runner's feet cool and dry.

Asics has also incorporated an Ecsaine3 Collar Lining in this track and field running shoe. The collar lining encircles the collar and heel in a soft suede-like material, giving the option to run sockless.

Lastly, a Fastglass material, which is a full-length, high-performance spike plate, is also built in the shoe. It provides the shoe with its optimal torsional rigidity and energy return.

The Asics SonicSprint is a unisex track and field shoe. It comes in men medium sizing B, but for women athletes, it is suggested to go ½ sizes down from their usual shoe measurement. The SonicSprint is also known to have a medium to narrow heel width. The shoe's toe box runs medium in width, and it also has low midfoot volume.

The SonicSprint uses the sturdy Fastglass Pebax Spike Plate construction. It features a removable six-pin spike configuration, and it is smartly placed in positions that help provide the highest traction for a strong start, push and finish. 

The shoe's built-in engineering offers torsional rigidity and energy return. It feels incredibly light on the runner's feet with its streamlined and featherweight design.

To keep the weight down on the Asics SonicSprint, it contains no additional cushioning technologies in the midsole area.

The Sonicsprint running spike from Asics is composed of a seamless upper construction that allows for irritation-free, sockless wear. It provides internal comfort and support while externally, a closed mesh on the upper prevents debris from entering the shoe.

The mesh material also provides the shoe with much-needed breathability and ventilation by allowing fresh air to diffuse into the shoe and keep the feet cool, dry, and comfortable - the perfect conditions for optimum performance.

A collar lining is also featured on the upper. It encircles the collar and the heel cuff in a soft suede-like material, giving the option to run sockless with reliable internal cushioning. This also helps prevent chafing and discomfort to the wearer's skin.

The SonicSprint upper also provides the runner's feet with a comfortable lockdown as you sprint across the track, beating one's personal record.


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