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5 reasons to buy

  • Comfort: According to most wearers, the Asics Snapdown 3 feels good on the feet.
  • Ventilation: Some long-time Snapdown fans observe that this iteration offers better airflow than previous versions.
  • Stability: A couple of wrestlers appreciate how the shoe keeps them stable in difficult positions.
  • Traction: An athlete applauds Snapdown 3's grip on the mat and how easy it is to make pivoting.
  • Design: Based on several reviews, it is aesthetically appealing.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Color options: A commenter wishes there were more color schemes offered that are more inclined to girls.
  • Ankle support: A fighter warns that this wrestling shoe doesn't offer much ankle support.

Bottom line

The Snapdown 3 from Asics wrestling is designed to boost performance in the ring. It is created for intermediate fighters who value durable, breathable, and grippy footwear. However, if you're an aggressor that prioritizes ankle support, you may want to check out the brand's Aggressor range as they provide excellent ankle support.

Overall, the Asics Snapdown 3 ticks most of the essential features and could be a great addition to your arsenal.

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User reviews:

Asics Snapdown 3: Throwdown with style

Whether you're in middle school looking for a decent pair or wrestling shoes or competing at the intermediate level, the Asics Snapdown 3 is a solid option for you.

Like the Asics Snapdown 2, it features a full-length rubber outsole that grips the mat regardless of the foot position. It is thin enough so the foot can move naturally. Meanwhile, the collar is adequately cushioned, providing ankle support to wearers.

Updates to the Asics Snapdown 3

Kimono tongue: What's new in the Snapdown 3 is the tongue construction. It opens on the shoe's lateral side, so when you tighten the laces, it creates a burrito-like wrap. This build prevents the tongue from moving out of place and evenly distributes pressure on the instep for comfort.

Midfoot cage: A leather overlay is used on either side of the midfoot. They integrate with the shoelaces for improved fit and enhances the lateral support in this area.

Breathability: This iteration of the Asics Snapdown uses a different type of mesh. The fabric has more open pores, allowing more air to pass through and keep the feet cool.

How Snapdown 3 compares

This shoe: 81
All shoes average: 81
69 88
This shoe: £80
All shoes average: £110
£60 £150