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6 reasons to buy

  • A majority of athletes find the Netburner Ballistic FF MT to be very comfortable for long periods of play.
  • The outsole is described as very grippy by many users.
  • Numerous volleyball players appreciate the ankle support given by this trainer.
  • The lightweight nature of the footwear impresses a lot of people.
  • Plenty of consumers like the aesthetics of this model.
  • This Asics volleyball shoe is regarded as well-made by multiple reviewers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few wearers rant that their toes felt pinched, but the feeling went away after a few times of use.
  • A couple of testers criticize the outsole because it peeled off after a few times of use.

Bottom line

Built for action, the Netburner Ballistic FF MT features a grippy underside that won’t let you slip. It ensures proper ankle hold as players move nimbly in any direction. On top of that, athletes enjoy pain-free playing experience because of the bouncy cushioning.

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User reviews:

The ‘MT’ in the Netburner Ballistic FF MT is not a random set of letters to make the name appear unique; it stands for ‘mid-top.’ And as the name implies, the collar of this model sits closer to the ankle bone.

The higher top seems to be the only distinction between it and the base iteration, the Netburner Ballistic FF. They are both equipped with the responsive FlyteFoam midsole and grippy N.C. Rubber outsole.

If you’re a fan of Asics’ Gel technology, there’s another iteration that uses it, called the Gel Netburner Ballistic, which also has a mid-top version. It uses FluidRide instead of FlyteFoam for rebound and the addition of Gel components delivers adaptive underfoot cushioning.

Traction. The bottom of the Netburner Ballistic FF MT is covered in N.C. Rubber. This compound uses both natural and synthetic elements to provide the perfect blend of traction and durability. The use of natural rubber gives it its soft nature, which helps with traction on smooth surfaces. As for the artificial substance, it makes the layer durable, so it doesn’t get easily worn out with regular use.

Movement. The outsole uses a combination of different tread patterns. Lines or grooves help with the flexibility while the textured areas enhance the multi-directional grip. As for the tricircular design on the forefoot, it aids in pivoting, so the knees don’t get injured when the player suddenly turns.

Stability. At the inner middle part of the outsole is the Twisstruss System. It is an iteration of Asics’ Trusstic System that reinforces the arch area. The Twisstruss does the same, but allows for more movement, providing controlled twisting especially during lateral movements. The rounded edges of the outsole also help keep players agile on the court.

Rebound. The primary cushioning unit on the Netburner Ballistic FF MT is the FlyteFoam. It is made of organic super fibers, engineered to recoil upon impact and immediately spring back to their original form. It gives the shoe its bouncy characteristic. This compound is said to be 55% lighter compared to other foam midsoles typically used in training shoes.

Shock absorption. This model uses two types of insoles. The inner layer is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and the top layer is the Ortholite insert. These components work together to provide excellent underfoot comfort. The top insole is removable to accommodate custom orthotics if needed. This layer is breathable and aids in moisture-wicking to keep the foot fresh.

Stance. The heel is designed to be slightly elevated. It puts the weight of the person to the front of the body, preparing them for forward movements. This attack position allows them to move quickly in different directions.

Comfort. The top is made of mesh. This fabric features an open-cell construction that allows aeration of the foot chamber. It is soft so the foot can move and expand naturally.

Protection and foothold. Synthetic overlays are used in critical areas to protect them against abrasion. They are found on the forefoot, quarters, eyestay, and the heel. They also help with foot containment and support. They form a panel on the lateral quarter for side-to-side support. Meanwhile, a cup-like structure steadies the rearfoot.

Fit. The foot is securely locked in place because of the traditional lacing system. It can be adjusted to deliver a customized fit. The collar and the tongue have foam lining them, helping with the snugness.

  • The Asics vector logo is positioned on the lateral quarter of the upper.
  • The brand name can be seen on the tongue and outsole.

  • Use a soft brush/cloth to dust off your Asics Netburner Ballistic FF MT.
  • If there are any stubborn dirt, use a damp rag to remove it. You can also use the wet cloth to remove dust from the outsole, ensuring its stickiness during gameplay.
  • Regarding stains, dip a soft brush into a solution of cold water and mild detergent, then scrub off the stain. Be sure to wipe the suds off with a clean, damp cloth. Leave your trainers to air-dry for a few hours or overnight before the next use.


Do NOT put your Asics shoes in the washer or dryer, or leave it under direct sunlight. Doing so could compromise the structure of the shoes.

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