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As simple as it gets, you wouldn't expect much from this cheap running shoe from ASICS. However, it still managed to impress a significant number of buyers with how much it has to offer for the price. Performance and comfort-wise, it can even be compared to shoes in the $100 price range.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable insole
  • Durable for the price
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Wide width options
  • Plenty of colorways


  • Firm cushioning
  • Minimal arch support

Who should buy ASICS Jolt 3

The Jolt is one of the most simple and cheapest running shoe models you can get from ASICS. You won’t find any of the fancy technologies like Gel or AHAR here as it is a basic, budget-friendly trainer.

However, it has a great potential to become a go-to shoe for:

  • beginner runners
  • slow daily running on shorter distances
  • a mix of running, walking, and casual wear

ASICS Jolt 3 best for

Who should NOT buy this running shoe

If you prefer softer underfoot cushioning, then you may prefer ASICS Gel Excite 9 or the ASICS Gel Pulse 13.

Also, runners with flat feet who need more arch support would be better off with the ASICS GT 1000 10.

ASICS Jolt 3 cushion

Jolt 3 is Asics' cheapest running shoe

With the asking price of $55, you just can't beat the Jolt 3 in the price department, especially given that ASICS running shoes on average cost $118. And yet, a lot of runners were still happy with the value provided by the shoe at such a low price point.

ASICS Jolt 3 affordable

Value for money

ASICS in general has a reputation for making some of the more durable running shoes on the market. This seems to pass on even to their budget-friendly options.

"Expect it to last 6-8 months," reports one of the run testers in reference to the ASICS Jolt 3.

ASICS Jolt 3 durability

Comfortable for walking

In addition to the EVA midsole, underfoot comfort is enhanced by an OrthoLite insole. More than a few reviewers claim that they can walk up to 10000-14000 steps a day without pain.

ASICS Jolt 3 walking

However, some of the other reviewers say that they cannot walk more than 8 hours in the shoe and wish for softer cushioning.

Lighter than average

Tipping the scales at 9.7 oz (276 g), ASICS Jolt 3 turns out to be lighter than the average weight of ASICS running shoes, which is 10.1 oz (287 g).

ASICS Jolt 3 lightweight

Lets the foot breathe

The shoe's mesh is porous enough to create a breathable coverage all around the foot. Meanwhile, the OrthoLite insole also contributes to moisture management. Upon closer look, you will see small black grains that help to absorb the sweat and smell.

ASICS Jolt 3 breathable

It doesn't skimp on style

A cheap shoe doesn't have to look cheap. This shoe pulled visual design cues from the more advanced ASICS GT series.

The wearers also love a multitude of color options in both men's and women's versions. These also include all-white and all-black ones for those who have a dress code for certain occasions.

ASICS Jolt 3 style