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Use - The Asics Javelin Pro 2 is a supportive, durable javelin shoe that is functional for elite throwers. Designed for serious athletes, this shoe offers unparalleled fit and function needed for the high performance of Javelin.

Spike Type - This shoe has an eleven-spike pin configuration that uses removable ⅜ inch Pyramid spikes. These Pyramid spikes optimize the shoe’s grip and traction.

The Asics Javelin Pro 2 is an elite level Javelin shoe that utilizes an asymmetrical design built specifically for right-handed throwers to achieve maximum performance. The left shoe features a higher cut and extra stability strap that protects the foot from rolling over. This design makes it ideal for right-handed throwers. Left-handed athletes, on the other hand, should opt for symmetrically designed shoes like the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite instead.

One of the shoe’s update is the Dynawrap technology. It is a system of panels that cradle the foot and use the wearer’s own momentum to maintain an excellent fit.

Rhynoskin synthetic leather makes up the shoe’s upper. It is an abrasion and tear-resistant material that helps increase the upper’s durability. 

The Javelin Pro 2’s Sharkduo outsole also provides optimal traction on various track surfaces.

The Javelin Pro 2 from the Asics line of track running shoes is designed using unisex sizing. It comes in medium width D sizing, and female athletes are advised to go 1.5 sizes down to secure accurate fit and size. 

The shoe’s Rhynoskin synthetic leather upper with lockdown straps creates a snug midfoot lockdown minimizing the in-shoe movement for optimal performance.

The innovative SharkDuo shoe technology is found in the Javelin Pro 2’s outsole. It is a textured thermoplastic unit that increases the shoe’s grip on various track surfaces. A reinforced toe cap is also added for increased traction on the outsole.

The shoe’s outsole is fitted with nine removable spike pins offering the perfect grip and speed on the tracks.

The Javelin Pro 2 is capable of effectively regulating the humidity in-shoe, keeping the feet dry and in good condition thanks to its RhynoSkin synthetic leather upper. The RhynoSkin synthetic material envelops the majority of the upper and is designed for abrasion and tear resistance. It is not only very durable, but this material is also easy to clean. It provides exemplary durability, and with its association to the DynaWrap technology, it gives that additional protection to the wearer’s feet.

A Double Lock Down Strap on the left shoe makes the sure even more stable, especially for right-handed throwers. It is a Velcro strap designed to provide a snug fit with optimal support. This hook and loop closure adds stability and support when planting the foot. The hook-and-loop strap guarantees an adequate fit for increased comfort.

Lastly, a heel reinforcement stabilizes the wearer’s strides for significant stability.


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