Profile of the Asics Hyper Throw 3

Use - As suggested by the name, the Asics Hyper Throw 3 is engineered specifically for throwing meets. This track throwing shoe is ideal for both beginners and elite-level athletes alike—may it be in competition or training. Its makeup maximizes the glides and rotations of the thrower for peak performance. The track shoe is suited for events such as shot put, discus, and hammer throw.

Notable Features

Tasked with both durability and traction, AHAR® outsole on the heel area. It is a proprietary technology from Asics. 

A rubber outsole runs full-length for sturdiness and superior grip. This also amplifies the responsiveness of the track shoe. 

For convenient and efficient turns, centrifugal flex grooves are implemented underneath the metatarsals. These allow for flexibility, enabling unrestricted foot movements. This also promotes natural flex from the foot. 

Lastly, a midfoot strap complements the lacing closure system of the shoe. It pushes the foot further into the midsole for lockdown.

Size and fit

The Asics Hyper Throw 3 only runs in men’s sizes and is designed using the standard width. Women are advised to go 1.5 sizes down to secure an accurate fit and size. 

The dual lockdown system and the upper engineering of the Hyper Throw 3 are tasked with delivering a snug wrap. The fastening systems are responsible for pushing the foot down into the midsole, disabling unwanted shoe removal. The upper material gives a supportive and adaptive fit.


The outsole composition of the Hyper Throw 3 is a combination of solid rubber and AHAR® outsole. This heightens the durability and grip of the throwing shoe for a stable and robust performance. 

The high-strength rubber outsole runs full-length, allowing protection from naturally abrasive ground elements. Its textured feature is responsible for its enhanced grip. 

To complement such attributes, Asics’ AHAR® outsole technology is utilized on the heel. This presses for an even higher level of durability and traction, promoting sure-footedness.

Located underneath the metatarsals are centrifugal flex grooves. These allow for efficient, flexible spins.


The throwing shoe’s rubber outsole already acts as its midsole unit. This is intended to keep the weight down. Moreover, the throwing shoe’s solid rubber has shock-mitigating properties and delivers cushioning to the underfoot. This prompts both foot trauma protection and comfort.


The Hyper Throw 3 sports the same upper configuration with the Adidas Adizero LJ and the Saucony Velocity—synthetic mesh upper. This allows for a foot-forming wrap for increased security. This upper material allows for lightweight construction. 

To provide lockdown and support, the throwing shoe sports a dual closure system. Underneath the midfoot strap, which keeps the foot locked in place, is a traditional lace-up closure. This fastening system allows an ultra-light, dialed-in fit.


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