Use - The Asics Hyper MD 5 is a suitable spike for both running and jumping meets. As its name pronounces, it can function in mid-distance running races. It can also accommodate triple jump matches. 

Spike Plate - To generate robust performance in different track and field events, the track spike features a nylon spike plate. It delivers unmatched durability and multi-surface traction.


In order to deliver top-notch performance on the tracks, the Asics Hyper MD 5 flaunts some refinements. One of these is the incorporation of a nylon spike plate. The plate offers durability and traction on all kinds of surfaces. 

For a revamped look, synthetic leather and mesh comprise the upper of the track shoe. These materials are distinguished for delivering plush comfort and superior lockdown.

To boost comfort further, the upper features a seamless configuration. This eliminates the occurrence of hot spots and other skin irritations.

Size and fit

The Asics Hyper MD 5 is only offered in men’s sizing scale. Women are advised to go 1.5 sizes down to secure proper fit and size. 

There are several technical elements that are responsible for the secure fit of the Hyper MD 5. One of these is the EVA foam found in the shoe’s forefoot and heel. The foam holds the foot securely in place while adding support. The synthetic leather and mesh upper envelop around the contours of the foot for ultra-light protection and lockdown.


The outsole engineering of the Asics Hyper MD 5 is a combination of both rubber and nylon plate. The rubber outsole provides durability and an amplified grip. It protects the running spike from highly abrasive elements on the tracks. The same outsole element is present in the Nike Zoom Rival M 9

A nylon plate is equipped to the outsole, exhibiting a five-pin fashion. Generally, its makeup permits an explosive performance on the tracks. It has excellent grip and flexibility, allowing propulsion.


Located on the heel and forefoot of the Asics Hyper MD 5 is an EVA foam. Aside from providing plush, in-shoe comfort, it supplies shock mitigation. It’s a high-quality midsole material that has wear-resistant properties. Overall, it permits a responsive ride and offers ample support.


The upper of the Asics Hyper MD 5 follows a no-sew construction. This prevents chafing and some other skin irritations. The upper is comprised of synthetic leather and mesh. Both of these materials are known for having flexible qualities, promoting a sock-like wrap around the foot. The combination of these upper elements poses for maximum breathability. In turn, a healthy foot environment is established, eliminating bacteria build-up. 

To increase pliability and trim down weight, slip lasting is integrated. It is when the upper is wrapped and stitched in a bootie-like shape before being fastened to the midsole.


The current trend of Asics Hyper MD 5.
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