Who should buy the ASICS Heat Chaser

The ASICS Heat Chaser is a reliable long-range spike best suited for:

  • track running and cross-country spike
  • distance running that’s up to 5000 meters


Profile of the ASICS Heat Chaser

Use – The ASICS Heat Chaser is fashioned for a variety of running meets. It can accommodate distance running that’s up to 5000 meters. 

Spike Type – Configured for optimal surface grip for propulsion, the spike pins that are attached to the shoe’s plate are pyramid spikes. These are 3/16 inch in length and are removable to aid the different needs of an athlete. 

Spike Plate – Outfitted for slip resistance and traction, the spike plate of the track running shoe is equipped with a Pebax plate. It employs minimal weight to help the runner gain more speed. It also exhibits flexible properties for unrestricted foot movements.

ASICS Heat Chaser profile

Offers versatility and security

What makes the Heat Chaser unique from all other track running shoes is its design principle. It basically combines features of track and field running spike and a cross-country shoe.

ASICS Heat Chaser versatility and security

Given this, it is engineered in a way that poses for versatility. Another pronounced quality of the distance running shoe the security it offers. 

Heat Chaser offers a cushioned underfoot feel

ASICS’ new Speed Mesh and hot-melted TPU overlays are responsible for this attribute. To adhere to the featherlight composition of the track spike, a CMEVA midsole is embedded within the platform.

ASICS Heat Chaser overlay 

This enables a cushioned underfoot feel, allowing the contender to last in the competition.

Glove-like fit to the foot

The ASICS Heat Chaser is listed in unisex sizing. It follows men’s sizing scale and is available in standard width. Thus, women are recommended to deduct 1.5 from their usual size.

ASICS Heat Chaser glove-like fit

For a secure wrap around the foot, the Heat Chaser incorporates ASICS’ new upper technology- Speed Mesh. It helps give a glove-like fit to the foot, preventing unwanted removal. 

Heightened lockdown and traction

For structural integrity and heightened lockdown, hot-melted TPU overlays are embellished to the upper. Lastly, the lace-up closure of the running spike gives the wearer a dialed-in fit.

ASICS Heat Chaser pedax plate

Just like the style of most track and field shoes, the Heat Chaser is engineered with a Pebax plate. It is intended to give cushioning and traction to up the performance of the athlete. 

Highly propulsive track performance

It is also famous for its rigidity-to-weight ratio that enables a highly propulsive track running experience.

ASICS Heat Chaser high propulsive track

The stiffness of the plate heightens the pace of the runner, and so does its ultra-light style. The same outsole component is present in the Nike Zoom Rival S 9 and Nike Zoom D.

Mitigates shock upon impact

Found in the midsole of the ASICS Heat Chaser is a CMEVA foam. It complements the lightness of the long-distance track spike with its featherlight composition. Moreover, it gives underfoot cushioning for increased comfort. 

ASICS Heat Chaser midsole foam

The CMEVA foam is also designated to mitigate shock upon impact. It also ensures the stability supplied by the platform.

ASICS Heat Chaser provides lockdown fit

One of the notable features of the Heat Chaser from ASICS is the integration of the brand’s new Speed Mesh. It envelops the foot’s natural contours and shape, providing lockdown fit. Furnished to the upper are the spike’s hot-melted TPU overlays.

ASICS Heat Chaser traditional lace-up closure

These are very lightweight and reinforces the structure of the shoe. It locks the foot in place to prevent slippage during training and competition. For a customizable fit, a traditional lace-up closure is implemented to the upper.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 198g
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 3/16-inch
Surface: Grass

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Zack Dunn
Zack Dunn

I race distances between 800 meters and 10K whether it be on the track, the roads, or on cross country courses. My typical training consists of easy days, long days, workouts (fartleks, tempos, interval training, etc.). My typical training paces range from 7’30 a mile on easy days to sub-5 minutes a mile on fast interval days, and with many paces in between. I run anywhere from 40-60 miles a week. My personal bests are 2:00 for 800m, 4:30 for 1600m, 9:50 for 3200m, 15:57 for 5K, and 34:10 for 10K.