Our verdict

The value of the ASICS Gel Scram 5 is its flexibility. It seems to work well in any running environment and feels good underfoot at any distance. Key features include excellent outsole traction, low price point, responsive midsole cushioning, and its versatility to perform well on or off the trails across many distances.


  • Fit is true to size
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Ample grip
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Minimalist design features
  • Functions well as a hybrid shoe


  • Heavy
  • Non-gusseted tongue

ASICS Gel Scram 5 review

There are many features of today’s shoes that have revolutionized the sport of trail running. Of all the fresh new features widely available, a successful trail run depends on a few essential features, however, the ASICS Gel Scram 5 just gets right all while at a very economical price. Whether you’re a casual trail runner or call yourself a seasoned ultramarathoner, the ASICS Gel Scram 5 will absolutely get the job done. 

Also, those who choose a more minimalist approach to running will enjoy the simplicity of the Gel Scram 5’s design. Basic performance features include proper rubber outsole traction, water-resistant upper material, toe protection welded overlays, and responsive midsole AmpliFoam. 


Who should buy it

The Scam 5 is for runners looking for a shoe that allows them to transition from the road to gravel and beyond without paying a premium price. Beginners wanting to get into the sport of trail running without spending a fortune on gear will appreciate the original MSRP of just £80, which is considerably lower than competitor brands in this category. 

Who should NOT buy it

The Scarm 5 is not for runners looking for a:

  • lightweight shoe (consider the Asics Gel Excite Trail that is suitable slower trail runs)
  • running shoe with more cushion (the Venture 8 is highly cushioned yet feels light and not bulky).

Performance ride quality 

The patented AmpliFoam midsole exists throughout the shoe and is a joy underneath the foot striking a fine balance between soft cushioning and ground feel.


When you push back during the step-off point of running, the Gel Scram 5 gives back some energy in return which helped me get through some technical single track very quickly. 

The Scram 5 got the right fit

Through testing on steep rocky ascents, water spring crossings, mud, etc., the Gel Scram 5 executed all terrain types with absolutely no issues. My ankles remained locked in place well with just the right amount of cushioning around the heel collar.


The midfoot was held snug due to the thoughtfully spaced eyelets that allowed for a custom and secure fit when lacing up. The toe box remains wide enough for a natural splay with no hot spots or blistering.


Simple yet effective design

The stealthy look of the ASICS is appealing in that it hides dirt and debris while giving the shoe a clean and simple aesthetic. The ASICS logo is incorporated into the welded outsole overlay that wraps the foot nicely while intelligently stating the ASICS brand without overdoing it across the shoe.


Unexpected grip in the Gel Scram 5

The ASICS Gel Scram 5 does contain lugs on the outsole although they come in measuring around 2-3 mm. Most shoes in the trail running category tend to have taller lugs for optimum grip when things start to get technical. What’s nice about this shoe’s shorter lugs is that transitioning from tarmac to trail is a breeze without the shoes feeling cumbersome.

The grip remains astonishing given the fact that the lugs are short. Through all the technical terrain executed in testing the lugs show no real sign of wear all while maintaining grip throughout the trails.  


A win for hybrid runners 

The Gel Scram 5 allowed me to run in comfort on the pavement as well as the trails. For folks wanting one do-it-all pair of shoes without breaking the bank, this shoe makes sense. Due to its neutral and flexible design and low lug pattern, the Gel Scram 5 works adequately well on smooth road surfaces making it a great “door-to-trail” shoe.