Profile of the Asics Gel Game 6

Almost close to the makeup of the Asics Gel Dedicate 5, the Asics Gel Game 6 is developed with a supportive and durable construction at an affordable price tag. This trainer is suitable for tennis beginners since it can be used on any court surfaces. 

One of the principal elements of this footgear is the midfoot Trusstic System that’s meant to prevent the foot from rotating at an awkward angle. The other main component is the Gel pad implanted at the forefoot, which is designed to aide the foot during propulsion. 

It’s a step up from the Gel Dedicate 5 that’s devised with a reinforced upper. The mesh casing is made with ventilation holes to keep the foot cool and comfortable even during prolonged matches. 

For enhanced durability, this 6th generation Gel Game features a rubber outsole that can withstand rigorous court footwork. It may not be as hard-wearing as the AHAR+ used in top-of-the-line performance Asics court shoes, but it does offer traction suited for multicourt use.


Rubber strength. The bottom section of the shoe is made of AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber), an abrasion-resistant rubber compound equipped for varied court surfaces. This material has a strength equivalent to two times higher than the standard EVA used in most athletic tennis shoes

Durability. Made up of a dense and tight rubber component, the AHAR is placed at high-impact sections of the outsole. The purpose of this element is to help reduce the damage caused by frequent pounding on the court grounds. 

Grip. The grooves are made into a modified herringbone pattern that’s designed to provide traction on courts made of rigid surfaces. It is also designed to withstand abuse from quick stop-and-go movements.


Support. Stability is the notable feature of this Asics Gel trainer, and the midfoot Trusstic shank serves as its central support system. This molded platform that’s deposited in the middle section of the shoe helps maintain its structural integrity. 

Chasing after the ball leads to constant directional movements. Substantially, the Trusstic shank hinders excessive twisting of the foot, which permits wearers to run in different corners of the court confidently. 

Gel Cushioning. Asics’ trademark Gel technology is incorporated in the forefoot section of the midsole, which helps propel the foot to action during toe-offs. Like the Gel pads found in most Asics running shoes, this soft silicone unit assists in cushioning the foot from blows. 

Asics Gel technology works primarily like the Nike Air-sole cushioning. But instead of using an airbag, the Gel unit is made of a soft, rubber-like plastic that assists in tempering the impact to the foot.   

Lightweight foam. To keep its weight down, the Asics Gel Game 6 is devised with a SpEVA midsole. This special EVA is developed through a blend of ethyl vinyl acetate and rubber ball component when combined produces a lightweight cushioning layer.

The shoe lasting and contour boost stability, comfort, and cushioning. Given such makeup, this supreme midsole material tends to improve the shoe’s bounce-back characteristics while delaying the process of damage.


Outer membrane. Asics’ Gel Game 6 comes with a striking classic façade done in a synthetic leather upper with mesh. 

Inner component. Underneath the exterior casing is a fabric lining. The combination of these materials intends to cater adequate room for the foot to breathe.

Additional Info

  • Asics Gel Game 7 is a step-up model.
  • Instead of cut-out linear patterns at the forefoot as seen in the Gel Game 6, the Gel Game 7 has perforated toes.


The current trend of Asics Gel Game 6.
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