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7 reasons to buy

  • Several trail runners hail the Asics Gel FujiTrabuco 8 GTX for enhancing their speed. 
  • A number of purchasers laud the grip of this trail running shoe
  • Many users commend its waterproof property. 
  • Quite a few athletes value the good cushioning of this running shoe from Asics
  • Various experts have expressed that the shoe is very breathable. 
  • A couple of customers state that it offers a secure fit. 
  • It offers ample protection, remarked numerous buyers.

3 reasons not to buy

  • According to multiple reviewers, the shoe needs quite some time to break in.
  • Some racers note that the trainer is a tad bulky. 
  • The running platform lacks flexibility, reported a few wearers.

Bottom line

Incorporating Gore-Tex technology into the upper, the Gel FujiTrabuco 8 GTX is perfect for conquering all types of terrains. The construction of this running shoe boasts of unmatched protection from dirt and debris, ensuring lasting wear.

Loaded with Asics' premier technologies, trail runners can expect ultimate traction, speed, and durability from the Gel FujiTrabuco 8 GTX.

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Our reviews

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The Asics Gel Fujitrabuco 8 GTX is a shoe I had been wanting to try for a while. Most trail shoes don’t have medial support, believing that trail runners are lower to the ground, so the need for support is decreased.




The issue with this assumption is for heavier runners, people who severely overpronate, and runners with pre-existing injuries needing medial support on long runs. 

The Flytefoam, Gel technology, and Duomax medial support used in most Asics road support shoes are present in the Fujitrabuco. It has a Gore-Tex upper which is something I haven’t used before myself, so I am looking forward to having dry feet this autumn! Read below to see how I got on. 


The upper is has a bootie construction covered with Gore-Tex mesh fabric. It is somewhat thick and not as breathable as Asics claims.

That being said, it is extremely resilient and it does exactly what it says—keeping your feet warm and dry. 

The tongue has an average thickness and can fold over on itself due to its gusseted construction, keeping water and dirt out. Luckily, I didn't get any hotspots from the creases.




I did, however, get quite a lot of pain across the top of my foot near the ankle from the laces' crossover. I had to re-lace during a run to alleviate pressure—something I have never had a problem with before. 

The laces are a jazzy, contrast color of black and yellow and feel waxy to touch. I would’ve thought that the waxy coating would prevent the laces from coming undone, but found this to be an issue whilst out on a 14-mile fell run.

There is a pocket in the top of the tongue for the laces to be pushed into to prevent this, but it is a lot more fiddly than the Salomon Quicklace system to push the laces in. 




The heel counter is both cushioned and stiff that I got some hotspots around the outside of my heel. Make sure to wear anti-blister socks for at least the first 50 miles as the shoe breaks in.

There is a nice reflective hook on the heel for easy on and off. This is especially great for very muddy days where you don’t want to get your hands covered in mud when removing the shoe. 


The midsole is very comfortable and supportive. The combination of Gel, Flytefoam, and Duomax foam does a great job of supporting the foot throughout long, slow and shorter, quicker runs.

There is a rockplate present in the midsole, protecting the foot nicely from protruding rocks. Despite this, I still feel the rocks, which helps with proprioception.

Due to all the cushioning and rockplate, the midsole is quite stiff. If you enjoy a stiff, supportive shoe, then this is the one for you.

On the other hand, if you like to have total confidence in a technical descent with a shoe that is lower to the ground, you will have to endure this shoe's higher stack height. The forefoot does become thinner at the toe, giving a rocking motion that helps the foot through its gait cycle more efficiently, decreasing fatigue. 


The outsole of the shoe is made with Asics’ ASICSGRIP. It consists of strategically placed lugs with a great, sticky finish on the bottom. It does a great job on rocks, especially on any angle of sandstone!




They are spaced perfectly and protrude at around 4 mm. So, they are good on muddy days on not-so-severe fell and will excel on trails. I currently see no wear on the lugs after around 50 miles of use. 

Design and appearance 

The design of the shoe is very futuristic and funky. The colorway I got is the current colorway but the predecessors are just as cool!

The jagged meeting of the outsole and Flytefoam midsole does take some getting used to but I commend Asics for thinking out of the box with this disco-like design.

There are no seams that compromise the integrity of the shoe where others may rip from toe-off action, and the general workmanship of the shoe is of a very high standard. Definitely worth the £130 price tag. 

Performance and durability 



This shoe is definitely there for a long day out running or for a rainy hike. I wouldn’t personally choose this shoe to compete in, due to the midsole's stiffness. However, for long days out, it has great underfoot and arch protection and support. 

The workmanship of the shoe gives me confidence that it will withstand over 300 miles of wear. The waterproofness seems like it can withstand the test of time, as long as it is looked after well. 


This shoe is perfect for someone needing arch support on those longer runs or walks and great for people needing confidence in their grip when out on the trails. Coming in a variety of funky colors, it can even be taken out to the 90s disco nights! 

If you have had problems with laces digging into the top of your foot, it may take a while for you to find a comfortable lacing pattern. Eventually, there will be an arrangement comfortable for you.

Also, bear with the heel counter as the shoe breaks in. The cushioning around the heel is comfortable after the initial 50 miles of wear. This shoe is well worth its £130 price tag as this is a shoe made to last.

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I’m a fitness instructor, yoga teacher, and physical therapist—running for over ten years, fell running four years. I have participated in loads of local fell races, and five British/English champs fell races. I have also run three half marathons, a 13k, and two Scott Sports Dirty Dozen Trail Runs. Worked abroad as a fitness instructor, leading runs multiple times a week on Greek islands, Sardinia, and Italy. Also worked in Finland and the Alps, so I have done my fair share of arctic/snow running! Currently, I have a 5k PB of 20:16.

Good to know

  • With a revamped upper construction, the Asics Gel FujiTrabuco 8 GTX displays a sleeker design. Integrating more mesh material, the platform augments breathability for an airy in-shoe feel. 
  • Thanks to the re-engineered overlays implemented on the upper of the trail running shoe, flexibility is enhanced. This encourages the natural motions of the foot for all-day comfort. 
  • Highlighting safety and visibility when running during dim hours, reflective embellishments are equipped to the upper.  
  • The rest of the shoe's components are carry-over features that ensure its comfort and surefooted surface adherence for superb trail running experience.

Just like most running shoes, the Asics Gel FujiTrabuco 8 GTX utilizes the standard sizing measurements for both men and women. Given this, buyers can get the shoe following their usual size choice. 

For well-ventilated envelopment around the foot, a mesh fabric acts as the upper of the platform. It holds the foot in place as it executes various movements without necessarily sacrificing comfort. Meanwhile, the overlays implemented on the upper improve the wrap, preventing premature shoe dislodgement.

Screaming of ultimate grip and strength, the ASICSGRIP technology serves as the outsole of the Asics running shoe. Its design encourages full-ground contact for surface control.

The midsole of the Asics Gel FujiTrabuco 8 GTX is packed with premium Asics technologies. One of these is the FlyteFoam Lite cushioning which is touted as the lightest midsole from the brand. It is comprised of organic fibres that deliver a plush yet responsive cushioning to the foot. 

On the rearfoot of the platform, the Gel technology is introduced. It has shock-attenuating qualities, protecting the foot from strain and injury. 

To keep the balance of the contender, the Duomax Support System is engineered into the midsole. It is basically a dual-density midsole that is responsible for targeting both stability and support. Because of this technical feature, the energy return is amplified for efficient strides. 

Since trail running is not the friendliest activity, Rock Protection Plate is configured into the midsole design of the trail shoe. It serves as the shield from sharp trail elements that can harm the foot or the platform.

The Gore-Tex mesh upper of the Gel FujiTrabuco 8 GTX from Asics keeps the water out, preventing it from infiltrating the foot compartment. Despite its waterproof characteristic, the upper does not compromise the airflow, keeping the foot cool and dry. 

Holding the foot locked in place as it goes through the gait cycle are the overlays geared to the upper. Aside from ensuring lockdown, it also reinforces the structural integrity of the neutral running shoe. 

Since there are a number of trail runners who run in low-light conditions, reflective materials are embellished on the upper, increasing visibility.


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