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  • The Asics Gel-Fit Yui 2 is engineered for women who enjoy working out in studios or indoor gyms. The upper is made of lightweight and breathable materials that maintain a comfortable temperature inside the shoe.
  • The sole unit utilizes materials that keep the inside dry and aerated. It uses an Ortholite lasting and an Ortholite sockliner. Both components draw moisture away to keep the inside well-ventilated. The midsole also serves as the main outsole though some areas are reinforced with an extra layer of AHAR, or Asics High Abrasion Rubber.
  • The heel uses an extra GEL cushioning. It helps to absorb shock during heel strike to prevent injuries or discomfort.

This Asics trainer accommodates the unique shape and dynamics of women’s feet. It generally runs true to size and comes in US sizes 5 to 12. It is only available in a B - Medium width profile. 

The midsole of the Asics Gel-Fit Yui 2 doubles as the main outsole. The compound endures the wear and tear of training indoors. It also has shallow flex grooves that facilitate natural foot flexion.

High-friction areas such as the toes, the lateral and medial sides of the forefoot, and the heel are reinforced with AHAR. This material enhances traction of the outsole. It is also hard-wearing and protects parts of the midsole from shredding.

The midsole is made of the Ortholite lasting. This material is plush to provide comfort when worn for extended periods. It is breathable and has moisture management properties that help to keep the inside ventilated.

The rearfoot utilizes the GEL technology cushioning system. This material attenuates shock upon impact and returns to its original state during midstance, ready for the next step.

On top of it all is the Ortholite sockliner. This component not only adds another layer of shock absorption but also enhances breathability and moisture management inside the shoe. It helps in maintaining a comfortable environment during workout sessions.

The Asics Gel-Fit Yui 2 employs a lightweight textile. This mesh fabric keeps the foot supported and aerates the foot chamber.

Synthetic overlays line the quarters, the outside of the collar, and the rearfoot. They form panels on the quarter which integrate with the lacing system. When the laces are tightened, the quarters are drawn closer to the foot and intensify support during side-to-side movements.

The back features a fully-integrated fit system that wraps the heel. It delivers a customized fit which ensures that the foot is locked down during training.

The collar and the tongue are both lightly padded. The tongue protects the instep against the pressure created by the laces. As for the collar, it keeps the ankle comfortable and prevents the heel from accidentally slipping out during workout sessions.


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