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7 reasons to buy

  • Cushioning: Plenty of commenters compare its comfort level to Asics' running shoes.
  • Grip: A high number of testers say that they did not experience any traction issues, even with morning dew. 
  • Closure system: The BOA dial is a stand out feature among many owners because it is easy to use.
  • Support: According to some users, these Asics golf trainers provide smoother swing transitions
  • Craftsmanship. The Asics Gel Course Duo BOA is a well-constructed shoe, says a few individuals. 
  • Interior. A golfer is satisfied because even though it doesn't say wide, the shoe accommodates the foot. 
  • Moisture protection. The waterproof upper is quite useful on the course, as mentioned by a small number of reviewers. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • Tongue: A couple of users experience issues with the tongue. It gets dirty quickly, and because of the BOA laces, it can't be adjusted as much. 
  • Upper: It bends poorly on the top of the foot, says one. 

Bottom line

The Gel Course Duo BOA, a collaborative piece of Srixon and Asics, highlights the strengths of both brands. Asics' and Srixon's knowledge of producing athletic footwear and golf gear respectively reflects a lot with this item. Despite being one of the first few silhouettes, it was able to please many golfers with its performance. 

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Asics Gel Course Duo BOA: Asics successful attempt at golf

Who is it for? The attributes of the shoe work well for the following golfers:

  • Existing Asics fans who want to try out a reputable brand on the greens
  • Golfers who want to experience the convenience of a BOA lacing dial
  • Those needing extra grip on steep courses

Asics Gel Course Duo BOA Highlights:

  • BOA lacing system. Unlike traditional lace-ups, it gives fast and precise micro-adjustments by merely turning the dial. 
  • Comfort cushioning. The Gel Course DUO BOA uses a combination of two cushioning systems. First is the brand's signature FlyteFoam, which claims to be 55% lighter than industry standards. It is known not only for its durability but its shock-absorbing properties as well. Second is the rearfoot GEL cushioning which boasts of impact absorption to allow smoother foot transitions.
  • Spiked bottom. Like soccer shoes, the bottom of these is treated with Firm Ground (FG) outsole to bring maximum traction and stability designed for greens. The seven spikes are also positioned on areas where it is needed to make each swing stable. 
  • Spikeless counterpart. Along with the release of this piece, Asics and Srixon also released the Asics Gel-Course Glide, a spikeless silhouette. 
  • Professional endorsement. This item was worn by Japanese pro golfer Hideki Matsuyama during the 2019 PGA Tour. 


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