Our verdict

The ASICS Gel Challenger 13 is a solid all-around shoe that offers a good balance of comfort and stability without much sacrifice. Its traction on the court is amazing and it did not let me down as I dashed around. I think it brings the heat to a competitive landscape of tennis shoes with some very compelling features.


  • Great cushioning
  • Amazing comfort
  • Good breathability
  • lightweight
  • Durable
  • Excellent traction
  • Good fit


  • A bit expensive

Audience verdict


Who should buy the Challenger 13

This is a serious contender for entry-level to intermediate tennis players who are looking for comfort and durability.

Who should NOT buy the Challenger 13

I believe you should consider another shoe if you need a shoe that is more affordable; in this case, the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 and the Gel Challenger 12 are worth checking out.

ASICS Gel Challenger 13 summary

The ASICS Gel Challenger 13 enters at a time of highly competitive tennis shoes, and it's no sloucher. From its reinforced WINGWALL technology to support side-to-side movements to its supportive cushion all around, this shoe will help you conquer the court with ease.

The ASICS Gel Challenger 13 comes back with some impressive swings. The cushioning around the shoe provides amazing comfort while you’re dashing around the court. Improved ventilation around the shoe allows you to play in hotter weather conditions. With its Added durability this shoe will let you play for hours without worry.

ASICS Gel Challenger 13 is a great contender

The ASICS Gel Challenger 13 brings you into the game the moment they’re worn. From its cushioned support around the back of the foot to its down-to-earth step on the outsole, this shoe will have you walking onto the court with confidence.


No-slip zone ahead

The ASICS Gel Challenger 13 uses a standard tongue and lace system to provide lockdown. While it's nothing to write home about, it won’t have you doubting whether it will slip off your feet in the middle of a game. 


The comfort zone

ASICS does it again with the Gel Challenger 13, providing great comfort with every step. The extra padding around the back of the foot and tongue of the shoe provides an excellent cushion as you dash around the court.


Hit the ground running

Thanks to the cushioning around the shoe, the ASICS Gel Challenger 13 has a below-average break-in period. Your feet won’t be complaining after a couple of sessions, you won’t even remember the break-in period.


No dead weight in the Challenger 13

The ASICS Gel Challenger 13 won’t be dragging you down with its lower than average weight. This lightweight shoe will help give you the speedy advantage to get across the court.


It can take a beating

Improving on the previous iteration, the ASICS Gel Challenger 13 adds additional material to parts of the shoe prone to greater wear and tear. This shoe can deal with tough conditions as you’re racing into position.


Every game has a pivotal moment

With updated critical pivot points on the outsole, the ASICS Gel Challenger 13 grips the court with ease. Whether you need to dash to the front or run side to side, these shoes won’t let you down.


Breath of fresh air in the Challenger 13

Improving upon the previous iteration, the ASICS Gel Challenger 13 replaces the shoe upper with a more breathable material. The shoes feel great while playing in warmer weather with the added breathability.



The ASICS Gel Challenger 13 takes notes from its predecessor and improves on its design to bring a more comfortable and controlled pair onto the court. With the padding to help make long play sessions a breeze and redesigned pivot points on the outsole, this shoe won’t disappoint.