Asics EvoRide review

Asics EvoRide is a really versatile shoe for different types of road workouts. At the price of around £100 it's reasonable and has the technologies that more expensive models have to offer at an easier-on-the-pocket price!


Introducing the Asics EvoRide

The Asics EVORIDE is a part of the Asics Faster Ride series which aims to decrease fatigue in the runners' feet by increasing the angle of the ankle whilst running, thus decreasing the amount of work the ankle has to do.

The EVORIDE achieves this by curving the forefoot midsole to promote the runner to rock onto their forefoot. Read on to see how I found it.

The Upper

The upper of the shoe is a double layer mesh construction that is very breathable. The mesh on the back has a reflective layer that peeps out giving subtle reflectivity.


When first trying on the shoe, the upper creases around the toe, this is disconcerting but nothing to worry about as it only happens when standing due to the absence of ground contact under the forefoot whilst standing.

Even with this creasing, I have seen no wear on the seam meets the midsole. At the meeting point, the rubber that would usually come over the end of the toe, is underneath the fabric, giving invisible reinforcement.

The laces are a great mixture of thickness, flexibility, and rigidity so the shoe doesn't become looser once you start running. The last eyelet is great to use to push the heel back and the padded tongue down as it does stick up otherwise.


The thickness and softness of the fabric give comfort and helps the wearer pull on the shoe due to the softness of the fabric.  The tongue stays in place nicely as the laces cross through the tongue close to the top of the shoe.


The midsole is made up of Flytefoam Propel, a material engineered to give the shoe a ‘bounce’ on toe-off.

The bounce is there to be felt when picking up the pace. I felt the propulsion and ease also when on a downhill recovery between hill reps. The midsole is quite thick with the heel at 28mm. The cushioning isn’t too stiff as a result of this and helps on those long and fatigued runs. 


The heel counter is firm enough to give you heel support, holding the foot in place to help guide the foot through its stride. In addition to this, the EVORIDE uses ASICS GUIDESOLE technology; a single piece of the midsole to allow for a smooth stride from foot strike to toe-off.



The outsole is strategically placed to save weight and is made of a robust rubber compound, according to Asics. I have found no signs of wear after 52 miles.

The outsole is broken up under the metatarsal, toe-to-foot, joint to aid with flexion of the foot but other than that the outsole is quite slick.


On ice, mud, and wet leafy areas, the shoe doesn’t perform well but on the quick, agile change in direction at the bottom of my hill reps, the outsole stuck nicely and helped me propel forward to start my rep.

I have confidence in the outsole the majority of the time but on icy paths that have been neglected by the gritter, these shoes made me look like Bambi on ice! 


In terms of overall performance, this shoe is breaking through into futuristic technology and doing it well. The tongue, heel counter, and lace position are all in the usual places and the futuristic, light outsole is fit for purpose for those speedy, and, in contrast, tired, road runs.

The toe bumper inside the upper works nicely with no pressure points or decrease in durability around the toes.


In terms of durability, I see this shoe lasting for 300 miles plus without much sign of wear. The new material used on Asics heel counters seems to minimise friction, in turn, decreasing the amount of wear the heel counter is subjected to. I would be surprised if the heel ended up wearing through. 

Final thoughts on the Asics EvoRide

The appearance is also great, with some really nice colour options out there, I went for a light green colour with the idea of getting a black pair in the future to hide the muddy winter toes! 

I am very happy to have chosen them for my training runs and look forward to racing in them when the time comes!

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Josie Lloyd
Josie Lloyd

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