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8 reasons to buy

  • Most of the consumers remarked about the comfort that the Asics Defiance X provided.
  • A handful of buyers complimented the midsole’s support, which kept them steady during weightlifting.
  • Fitness enthusiasts enjoyed using it for a diverse range of cross-training exercises.
  • Plenty of testers were impressed by the lightweight nature of the trainer.
  • Several users shared that it held up pretty well despite daily use during rigorous workouts.
  • Some budget-conscious purchasers noted that the model had good value for its price.
  • A few people were impressed that it fit as expected.
  • It corrected pronation, according to a reviewer with fallen arches.

1 reason not to buy

  • Many critics found the cushioning of the footwear to be lacking.

Bottom line

The Asics Defiance X received positive critical reception for the comfort and support that it offered. Fitness enthusiasts appreciated its versatility and lightweight form during the varied activities of cross-training. However, the footgear has earned the ire of detractors for its inadequate cushioning. In conclusion, the model was deemed an exceptional training shoe for fulfilling the demands of the consumers.

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Good to know

  • Just as its name suggests, the Asics Defiance X is a trainer that the brand claims to empower the users to defy their physical limits during their workouts. It has a low-top style that features a seamless mesh upper to prevent irritation and maintain the lightweight nature of the trainer. It is also made to offer breathability and flexibility.
  • It utilizes the Solyte midsole, which is characterized by its enhanced cushioning and durability. It is also a compound that has half the weight of traditional EVA midsoles while providing 20% more shock absorption.
  • A unit of the proprietary Gel Cushioning System is installed on the rearfoot area. It cushions the foot to absorb shock that causes strain and potential injuries.

The Asics Defiance X has a version created for each gender, male and female. It typically abides by the standard US training shoe sizing scheme, ranging from 7.5 to 15 for men and 6 to 11 for women. It only comes in a medium width for both sexes.

Rubber makes up the bottom of the Asics Defiance X. It is a durable material that is made to last through the heavy demands of cross-training. It also has been marked with a busy tread pattern to deliver a sticky grip on various types of surfaces. Meanwhile, the certain parts have ridges to promote natural foot flexion.

The Asics Defiance X employs the Solyte technology to serve as the underfoot cushioning. It claims to be 20% more shock absorbent and 50% lighter than traditional EVA foams. It is made from a resilient resin that is typically used in vehicle bumpers.

This training shoe from Asics wouldn't be complete without the brand's proprietary Gel component. The Gel Cushioning System is lodged in the rearfoot area of the midsole. It aims to offer additional shock absorption during the heel strike. It prevents strains and injuries caused by impact. It also provides rebound that fosters an easier midstance transition.

The Asics Defiance X sports a seamless mesh fabric that does not irritate the skin as it does not have stitches or seams that will cause friction. It is a breathable and flexible material that lets the foot move.

The tongue is lightly padded to protect the instep from being chafed by the shoelaces. It also gives a snugger fit.

The footgear is secured by a lace-up closure that lets the user adjust the fit according to their preferences. The lacing system also aids in boosting the lateral support as the sides are reinforced when the laces are tightened.


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