Profile of the Asics Cosmoracer LD

Use - As presented by the model’s name, the Cosmoracer LD is particularly configured for long-distance running events. These can be in the form of competitions or training, ranging from 1500 meters to 5000 meters. 

Spike Type - Ideal for rubber surfaces, 4 removable ¼- inch pyramid spikes are furnished to the shoe. The addition of these spikes is intended for speed and traction. The number of pins is kept at a minimum in order to adhere to the lightweight structure of the track shoe, enhancing the runner’s momentum. 

Spike Plate - To maintain a sturdy build and unmatched traction, this long-distance track spike is outfitted with a Pebax® plate. It has a good rigidity-to-weight ratio that is essential in augmenting the athlete’s pace. 

Notable Features

As mentioned, the Cosmoracer LD showcases some of Asics’ hailed innovations. For one, the responsiveness of the track shoe is enabled by its Solyte® midsole. It is a proprietary midsole technology from Asics that is very light and durable. 

The superb traction of the shoe, meanwhile, is allocated by its Pebax® spike plate. The same plate material is found in other renowned track shoes. 

Equipped to the heel of the track spike is its SharkDuo® outsole that has a textured design. The patterns in this outsole material are meant for slip resistance. 

Size and fit

The Asics Cosmoracer LD is available in unisex sizing, following men’s sizing measurement. For women, it is recommended to go 1.5 sizes down in order to achieve the accurate size and fit. 

The mesh upper of the shoe is responsible for its sock-like fit and flexibility. To promote support and lockdown fit, seamless overlays are incorporated. To finish off the snug composition of the Cosmoracer LD, a traditional lacing system is supplied. 


A Pebax® plate is deployed into the overall fashion of the Cosmoracer LD to promote an unrivaled grip on multiple track surfaces. It employs minimal weight while maximizing both flexibility and durability. Moreover, it is highly rigid, soliciting a propulsive ride. 

To better the shoe’s traction, a SharkDuo® outsole is supplemented. It presents a slip-resistant, textured design, heightening the runner’s speed. 


The shoe brandishes Asics’ premium midsole material- Solyte® foam. It is engineered to be extremely lightweight, lighter than the standard EVA foam, and even SpEVA. The Solyte® is constructed for long-standing quality. 


Since long-range running is a strenuous activity, it demands a highly breathable track spike to maintain a healthy foot environment. To establish this, Asics designed Cosmoracer LD with a mesh upper. It features a number of perforations that let in natural air in order to increase ventilation inside the foot chamber. 

The mesh coverage of the shoe provides a secure fit as it conforms to the natural contours and shape of the foot. It boosts the flexibility of the shoe by allowing unrestricted foot movements. 

For the shoe’s structural integrity and support, the upper is embellished with seamless overlays. Furthering support and lockdown, a traditional lace-up closure is integrated into the upper. 


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