Who should buy the ASICS Conviction X 2

Designed with CrossFit in mind, ASICS integrated light yet durable materials, technologies, and innovative components to ensure that the
Conviction X 2 has the characteristics that would help the wearers take their performance to new levels. It is a solid option if:

  • Your fitness regimen includes running, CrossFit, HIIT, and other intense workout activities.
  • You are looking for a shoe stable and durable enough that would perform well on both weightlifting and rope climbing workouts. 

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Abrasion-resistant outsole

The outsole of the ASICS Conviction X 2 is made of the AHAR, which stands for ASICS High Abrasion Rubber. This compound is engineered to be more durable compared to regular rubber. It also absorbs shock to keep the foot comfortable. It features a tread pattern that promotes traction in different directions.

The heel section is designed to be flat and firm. It helps to keep the rearfoot steady during weight training.

ASICS Conviction X 2 Outsole1

At the forefoot, a structure of different in color can be found. It is a drainage port with multiple perforations that assist in drawing out moisture from the inside.

ASICS Conviction X 2 Outsole2

Shock-absorbent footbed

The ASICS Conviction X 2 employs a removable footbed for its midsole. This textile sockliner has perforations all throughout to keep the foot chamber well-ventilated. It also attenuates shock to prevent discomfort to the foot and other parts of the lower extremities.

ASICS Conviction X 2 Midsole1

Breathable upper

Making up the upper of the ASICS Conviction X 2 are various components that work together to deliver a lightweight but supportive structure. It is mainly made of mesh which is breathable and keeps the inside aerated. Synthetic overlays are seamlessly incorporated into the fabric to reinforce the high-abrasion areas such as the vamp, the quarters, and the heel. The inside is lined with soft fabric that delivers a great in-shoe feel.

ASICS Conviction X 2 Upper1

Amplified lateral support

The quarters use an additional technology called Rynoskin. This durable and tear-resistant material endures the wear and tear associated with intense workouts such as rope climbs. It creates a panel-like structure that integrates with the lacing system. When the laces are cinched, the panels are drawn closer to the foot, thereby amplifying the lateral support of the upper.

ASICS Conviction X 2 Upper3

The ASICS Conviction X 2's rear section

The tongue is lightly padded and keeps the instep free from irritation. The front top of the tongue features the Lace Garage technology. It is a pocket where users can tuck the laces in so that they don’t unravel or get in the way while they are exercising.

Completing the lock-down fit is the plush collar. It prevents the heel from slipping out of the shoe by accident. It also keeps the ankle supported and free from chafing.

ASICS Conviction X 2 Collar2

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 346g / Women 289g
Drop: 4mm
Use: Crossfit / Gym / Cross-training
Heel height: Men 10mm
Forefoot height: 6mm
Width: Normal
Features: Low drop

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