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9 reasons to buy

  • The traction is phenomenal and has multidirectional coverage due to its pattern, say most of the testers.
  • Due to the widely spaced grooves on the outsole, several users report that they do not anymore need to wipe their outsoles that much.
  • A few testers comment that the translucent outsole is better than the solid rubber option.
  • Many users think that the knit material on the upper is implemented well, comparable to the knits on the Nike Kobe 10 and the eleventh Nike Kevin Durant.
  • Since the forefoot has extra space, the KT 3 is a good option for wide-footers.
  • A number of users express that they do not have any problems with these Klay Thompson shoes’ overall lockdown, adding that it is “very good.”
  • Some players like how the extended TPU midsole shank of the Anta KT 3 provides lateral containment.
  • Most testers find the high-top shoes for performance to be very stable due to its wide base and extended outrigger
  • Reviewers feel that the cushioning setup provides the “lowest ride” and that it is “just pure court feel and responsiveness.”

5 reasons not to buy

  • Although not necessarily a bad thing, a few reviewers say that there is a “noticeable heel-to-toe drop in the KT3.“
  • One tester says that there is “extra volume in the toe area.” This description also applies to the toe box of the Adidas fifth Dame Lillard shoe.
  • Many users feel that the ankle strap doesn’t help in locking the foot down.
  • Some players complain that the nylon liner can make the shoe feel hot.
  • A few commenters say that these Anta basketball shoes look better without the ankle straps.

Bottom line

The majority of testers are pleasantly surprised by the performance of the KT 3. For players who have not yet tried to play in other basketball shoes besides those from big brands such as Adidas and Nike, the Anta KT3 is a good place to start as the shoe provides great traction, no-nonsense fit, an effective cushioning set-up, and a premium upper that is worth the shoe’s $120 price point.

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Good to know

The KT 3 was released by the Chinese footwear company Anta in October 2017 as NBA All-Star Klay Thompson’s third signature shoe. It features a premium knit upper, the Anta-Eve cushioning system, and a multidirectional traction pattern on its outsole.  With the presence of the fourth Klay Thompson signature Anta shoe, wearers are surely excited which to choose.

Cushion. The cushioning system is called Anta-Eve. It basically is an EVA midsole courier that houses at the heel and forefoot two foam pads of varying densities. This setup is the same with the previous KT model. However, for the KT 3, the foam pad at the heel is double stacked, ensuring better coverage for impact protection. This also creates a distinction: court feel at the forefoot, energy absorption at the heel.  

Traction. The outsole features a circular pattern that is akin to a fingerprint. The grooves are widely-spaced, helping avoid dust buildup. The shoe comes with a solid rubber and translucent rubber outsole option, the latter being the stickier option. The KT3 is safe to play ball in, both on indoor and outdoor courts.

Length and Width. The shoe runs true to size. There is extra volume in the forefoot area that will be favorable to wide-footers. For regular sized and narrow-footers, it is still advised to follow their standard sizing since going down a size lower will make the shoe too short.

Lockdown. Compared to the KT 2, the third of the Klay Thompson shoes does not have the same one-to-one fit. In fact, the forefoot has more toe space largely because of the shoe's knit material. This, however, does not affect the shoe's lockdown. But if a snug fit is a preferred, double-socking vastly helps. The KT 3 goes by a traditional lacing system with an additional Flywire-esque technology that the laces loop into. A unique characteristic of the shoe is the removable strap that runs across the top of the top-most lace, providing ankle protection.

Knit is used to clothe the KT 3. The material is reinforced with nylon and fuse for added structure. The midsole is made of EVA. TPU is used for the lateral midsole cage and the external heel cup at the back, providing lateral and vertical containment. Lastly, depending on the colorway, the outsole is made of either solid or translucent rubber.

The KT 3’s silhouette is similar to its previous models. Released with more than five colorways, the shoe is viewed to be a step up, aesthetically, from Klay’s past shoes. The fully knitted upper gives a the shoe a premium feel, while the strap on the ankle emphasizes the shoe’s high-top cut. The mixture of textures and lines on the shoe give it another dimension.

Klay Thompson’s signature is embossed on the shoe’s heel while the Anta logo is stamped on the tongue and the medial side of the shoe.

Released with more than nine colorways, the shoe is largely viewed as a step-up aesthetically from Klay’s past shoes. Discussed in the subsections below are some of the special colorways released by Anta.

Golden State Warriors Team Colors Inspired Colorways

  • Anta KT 3 Away/Battle Ground. Based on the GSW’s road uniform, the “Away” or “Battle Ground” colorway is meant to be worn when Klay and his team are playing in another team’s home court.
  • Anta KT 3 Home/Defend the Bay. The exact opposite of the the colorway above, the “Home” or “Defend the Bay” colorway matches the home uniform of the Golden State Warriors. This version is meant to be part of their battle cry and ensemble during their home court games.

Anta KT 3 Black Panther

Fans of the Marvel superhero film Black Panther will wonder if these Anta shoes are from Shuri's famed "sneaker" line. Although the Princess of Wakanda does not have any hand in the colorway's release, she might as well have as the shoe's upper is pretty similar to the Black Panther's high-tech Vibranium-based suit. Right in the Achilles area are four claw marks.  Below that are African patterns that symbolize the King of Wakanda.

Anta KT 3 Gold Blooded

A limited edition of the third Klay Thompson basketball shoes, the "Gold Blooded" colorway is borne out of the Golden State Warrior's successful championship run in the 2016-2017 NBA season. Released with only 99 pairs in circulation, the sneaker comes in a metallic gold knit with neat white accents.

Anta KT 3 KT for Three

The "KT for Three" is the only colorway that replaces the upper's knit material with a durable synthetic material with a holographic finish. The shoe comes with a shiny metallic green upper and black ankle strap. The colorway celebrates Klay Thompson's three-point shooting skills.

Anta KT 3 Make it Rain

A borrowed colorway from the KT2, the "Make It Rain" rendition commemorates Golden State Warrior's win against Indiana Pacers in 2016. What makes this win particularly special is Klay Thompson's 60 points in 29 minutes. Ending with 106-142, Klay Thompson’s performance that night deserves a special colorway.

Anta KT 3 On Fire

Only NBA fans will be able to understand Klay Thompson’s ability to heat up in a game with little time to prepare. In the same manner, his KT3 “On Fire” colorway heats up the court at first glance with its infrared upper and white midsoles.

Anta KT 3 Rocco

Klay Thompson’s best bud loves him even without the NBA titles. He would fetch any ball or stick you’d throw. He is only up to the knee high and will always be excited to see his human best friend. Rocco is Thompson’s seven-year-old bulldog. The Anta KT 3 “Rocco” is a special colorway that honors Klay’s furry friend. The colorway comes in a suede upper that is dressed in tan hues.


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