Who should buy the Altra Mont Blanc BOA

The Mont Blanc BOA from Altra is a go-to for trail runners who want a: 

  • running shoe for ultramarathon distances in the great outdoors 
  • trail shoe that's just as reliable for hiking
  • secure and easy-to-tie shoe that promises zero heel slips and delivers! 

Altra Mont Blanc BOA altra-mont-blanc-BOA-front

Who should NOT buy it

At $210, the Altra Mont Blanc BOA is nowhere near affordable. So, if you want something cheaper, get the Altra Timp 1.5 instead. And if you want a toe box that has room for your toes to wiggle, then go for the very spacious Altra Lone Peak 5.0.

Altra Mont Blanc BOA altra-mont-blanc-BOA-collar

The Mont Blanc's BOA system is heaven-sent! 

Why? Because it solves the annoying and performance-stopping heel slips of the past. The BOA does its job so well; you can tighten the rearfoot more. And in the words of a trail runner, "the shoe is absolute FIRE!!!" with its lockdown. 

While the previous version "felt unsafe" on technical trails, remarks one runner, this version allows you to have "supreme control over the fit," chimes in another tester. You literally don't have to worry about losing your step. 

What's more is the BOA system really makes the overall fit snug and secure. A runner even says they would rate the shoe an easy "A++."

Altra Mont Blanc BOA altra-mont-blanc-BOA-midsole

Swallows miles

"Its functionality and comfort can't be beat, IMO." This statement comes from one critic who absolutely loves the cushy underfoot feel of the Mont Blanc BOA. Although it's not plush; it provides a comforting feel that's "Leadville 100-worthy," commends another long-time runner. 

Because of this, one commenter even claims that this shoe is their "favorite trail shoe ever!!!" 

Altra Mont Blanc BOA altra-mont-blanc-BOA-mesh

Can speed you up

It provides awesome energy return that "gives you the opportunity to be a little more agile and nimble," lauds one video reviewer. He adds that this trail runner is "really designed for speed, fun, fast miles out there." 

Altra Mont Blanc BOA altra-mont-blanc-BOA-boa system

Not a mammoth on foot

The Altra Mont Blanc BOA does gain a few grams compared to the original Mont Blanc, going from 297 grams/10.5 ounces to 317 grams/11.2 ounces in US men's 9. However, this is "not making the shoe, all of a sudden, now a clunker," states one expert. Why? Because it doesn't necessarily drag the foot down. 

Altra Mont Blanc BOA altra-mont-blanc-BOA-upper

A little more room, please

Altras are generally known to have wide toe boxes. However, this one doesn't pass the vibe check. On top of this, the forefoot area is reinforced; creating an "uncomfortable pressure across the foot," expresses one trail running athlete. 

Altra Mont Blanc BOA altra-mont-blanc-BOA-outsole

The Altra Mont Blanc BOA and its inclusivity 

It's now offered in size 15! A sizing move that has pleased many, especially those with extra wide feet. One of them even says that it was nice of Altra to consider that "there are sasquatches out there too, not just a bunch of little guys!"

It's on the upscale side of shoes

On average, trail running shoes only cost $129 a pair. For the Altra Mont Blanc BOA, it costs $210. And for a trail shoe (that doesn't even have a gaiter attachment), this price is just insane. 

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Trail
Weight: Men 317g
Drop: Men 0mm
Arch support: Neutral
Base model: Altra Mont Blanc
Forefoot height: Men 30mm
Heel height: Men 30mm

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