Who should buy Allbirds Tree Pipers

Tree Pipers are a solid addition to your Allbirds collection. One sneaker fan shared they already owned 20 pairs of Allbirds when they bought the kicks! Buy yours too because they are:

  • Eco-friendly sneakers made of sustainable and recycled materials
  • Extremely comfortable and soft kicks that can be used all year round
  • Durable and lightweight all-around sneakers

Who should not buy Allbirds Tree Pipers

Go for Wool Runners for an equally comfortable kick without worrying about the heel tab cutting your ankles. Veja Campo is another eco-friendly alternative that is friendly to the ankles plus, they are dirt-repellant too! 

Dreamy comfort of Allbirds Tree Pipers

Expert or not, everyone has nothing but praise for Tree Pipers in terms of comfort. According to several reviews, they are “instantly comfortable” and would “feel great as soon as you put them on.” An expert noted that each time they wear the sneaker, they are so comfortable that they would forget they had them on! This “ability to disappear” is a “master trick for any shoes to pull off,” the expert explained. A sneakerhead even suggested that the kick “should be called Airbirds” because it “feels like you are walking on air!”

Insoles are sustainable but somewhat lacking

The insoles of Allbirds Tree Pipers are sugarcane-based EVA, which has a negative carbon footprint. A sneakerhead liked the idea of sugarcane foam but pointed out that “it doesn’t have the nice soft rubbery feel” of a petrochemical-based insole. The insoles need more cushion, said one in a review. 

Tree Pipers is undeniably Allbirds 

The kicks are “stylish and jazzy,” according to a reviewer. Another expert said that the classic design of the sneakers may “induce a bit of deja vu.” It is because the silhouette is similar to that of Wool Runners but also “take the best in a lot of different Allbirds.”

The heel tab needs to go

Many reviewers expressed dislike of the sneaker’s heel tab. “The back tab cuts into the ankle,” shared one tester. “It didn’t hurt and isn’t a deal breaker,” is how an expert reviewer described the issue. The heel tab is “simply a candidate for slight revision in a future version,” they added. 

They can get dirty quickly, but they can be washed easily!

Some fans highlighted that the kicks could be dirt magnets. One tester emphasized that the white midsoles “do get dirty pretty quick.” A reviewer also said that the sneaker getting dirty quickly is their only issue but is happy that they can wash them easily. “The best thing is that it is washable,” expressed another. 

Wear them all day, every day, throughout the year!

“They’re honestly perfect” is how a sneaker fan describes Tree Pipers. Another reviewer shared that Tree Pipers are ideal for “around the house and running errands.” An expert suggested that they are ideal for wearing when “leaving the house and don't know how long [they] will be gone” because of their reliable comfort.  Here are other praises for the Tree Pipers:

  • “Instant favorite for the fall and winter.”
  • “A casual go-to shoe.”
  • “Look great with a variety of wardrobe options.”

Tree Pipers are built to last

Tree Pipers are made with materials that are “soft but durable,” said a reviewer. The sustainable and durable upper is made with eucalyptus tree fiber. A fan shared they never had a problem with the comfort or longevity of the sneakers, which is why they will “continue to sing their praise.”

More info about Allbirds Tree Pipers

Other notable reviews for the sneaker are as follows:

  • "They are light and impressively soft, almost like slippers.”
  • They have “room enough to be comfortable, but not so much that they rub or slip off.”
  • “Don’t have great arch support.”

Facts / Specs

Style: Minimalist, Classic
Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Closure: Laces
Material: Wool, EVA / Fabric
Season: Spring, Summer
Features: Breathable / Eco / Sustainable

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