Who should buy the Aku Rock DFS GTX

The Aku Rock DFS GTX is the all-rounder you've been waiting for. Purchase it if:

  • Wetness is often present along your trail-to-rock route.
  • You prefer approach shoes engineered with Vibram tech.
  • The low-grade elevations you climb are peppered with micro-edges.

Aku Rock DFS GTX buy

Who should not buy it

With its extreme lightness and myriad colorway options, the Cruizer Psyche from Evolv is something you can buy instead of the Aku Rock DFS GTX. There's also the La Sportiva TX4 GTX if you want something cushier and more poke-protective underfoot.

Aku Rock DFS GTX no

Rock DFS GTX: A beast in the grip department

Experts are super-impressed with the tenacity of the Aku Rock DFS GTX. One of them says that it's "extremely grippy when scrambling." Another one says that they grip well on low-level boulders in moderately wet conditions. A non-professional reviewer weighs in on this, saying that it's "very sticky on smooth river boulders and grippy on dusty trails."

Aku Rock DFS GTX grip

Handles abuse like a boss

In terms of longevity, the Rock DFS GTX is a force to be reckoned with. A critic says that it's "built for the hard yards" and stands up to everything you throw at it. "They stand up to the rigors of wild, backcountry hiking and long walk-ins to the crag," says another.

Aku Rock DFS GTX dura

Down for whatever

Approach hikers find the Aku Rock DFS GTX astonishingly versatile. A gear pundit among them says that it's "a great option for an overseas trekking adventure." Another one says that its "ability to transition from trail to crag is the very hallmark of a quality approach shoe." Yet another commenter says that it's "perfect for hiking."

Aku Rock DFS GTX versa

A comfortable approach shoe on mile zero

According to a footwear blogger, the Rock DFS GTX is plush from the get-go. He says that the featured approach hiker is "no exception" from shoes that require no break-in time.

Aku Rock DFS GTX comf

Not the lightest Aku kick in town

At 400 g apiece, the Aku Rock DFS GTX could be lighter. A gear maven says that it's "slightly heavier than most leading approach shoes."

Aku Rock DFS GTX light

Avoid extra pointy rocks

There are those who consider the Rock DFS GTX not having a plated midsole a missed opportunity. On it, "you can feel stones underfoot a tad," a seasoned trail-goer says.

Aku Rock DFS GTX protect

The Rock DFS GTX's convincing support system

Being able to bear the wearer's weight while carrying a loaded pack is one of the great things about the Rock DFS GTX. A professional blogger describes the featured kick as "an extremely supportive shoe that will cope with long distances and when carrying a reasonably heavy load."

Aku Rock DFS GTX supp

Rockstar waterproofing in every pair

What the Aku Rock DFS GTX lacks in color options, it makes up for its extraordinary water protection. A seasoned tester said that "it held up very well over a day of Scottish drizzle." "I have done many creek crossings, and my feet have stayed dry," said another.

Aku Rock DFS GTX water

It eats edges for brunch

This bang-for-your-buck Aku approach shoe doesn't back down on edges, regardless of size. An expert says that it's "perfect for edging on smaller holds."

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 14.1oz / Women 13.4oz
Features: Tongue Pull Loop / Heel brake
Technology: Ortholite, Gore-Tex, Vibram
Material: Leather, Rubber sole, Fabric/Textile, Synthetic
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Top: Low

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