Who should buy the Air Jordan XXXVII

This basketball shoe from the Jordan brand is a good match for the following:

  • nimble players who value court feel and energy return
  • buyers with a generous budget for basketball shoes
  • athletes who rarely take their games outdoors
  • wearers with narrow to medium-sized feet

Air Jordan XXXVII buy

Who should NOT buy this Air Jordan basketball shoe

The Air Jordan 37 is surprisingly felt cheap and plasticky. Hence, this shoe is definitely not for those who want some fancy-looking and premium-feeling uppers. They are better off with the Nike LeBron 20.

Air Jordan XXXVII not buy

The 20th LeBron is also great for players who want high levels of compression and impact protection, especially right under the heel. They can also go for the Nike KD 15. This Kevin Durant signature offer is also good for those who do not have the time to break in their shoes. The KD 15 definitely hits the ground running.

Air Jordan 37: An awesome performer

We were surprised that this Air Jordan shoe is pretty nimble and very aerodynamic despite its pretty bulky appearance.  As a result, we felt super lively as we played on the hardwood.

Air Jordan XXXVII overall

A bite that you can depend on

Although we found that the traction is not really as top-tier as the one in the Nike PG 6, for example, we cannot seem to find something to complain about the AJ 37's grip either. This actually had a really nice traction profile. We noticed that the traction pattern can grab exceptionally well on indoor courts. 

Air Jordan XXXVII traction

The sole of the AJ 37 resists dust

We tried using the Air Jordan XXXVII shoes on dusty courts, and we attested that the grip was still OK. We can safely say that dust pickup is not an issue.

Outdoor performance is OK, but not the best

We discovered that the Air Jordan 37's outsole is made of a hard rubber compound that effectively resists abrasion. This is convincingly demonstrated in a durability test we performed. Additionally, the upper has double-stiched leather in high-wear areas. After performing a durability test on it, we concluded that the leather overlays on the upper are pretty durable.

While outdoor use is not a bad idea, it is not the best idea, as well. We learned that its outdoor performance is nothing out of the ordinary.  We believe that this shoe is really meant for indoor courts because only when it's used on hardwood does it unleash its full potential.

Court feel is definitely there

The midsole felt rock solid and more on the responsive side. This is good news for nimble players who want to feel the floor and gain more control over their fine and aggressive movements.

Bounciness is superb with the Air Jordan 37

When it comes to energy return, we affirmed that this one is a very bouncy shoe with a very good jump height.

With all this, it's clear that the double-stacked Zoom units in the forefoot really do their job of fueling our every step, especially as we drive toward the basket.

Air Jordan XXXVII forefoot

Plushness is lacking

We observed that the shoe is not super plush and is actually lacking with softness, especially at the heel part. 

Air Jordan XXXVII heel

Cheap-feeling and has to be broken in

We were also disappointed that the materials do not really feel premium at all. We found that upper terrible because it is super thin and has that plasticky feeling. Good thing, this experience does not last long. We realised that the shoe just needed a little bit of breaking in. 

The AJ 37 offers exceptional breathability

Air Jordan 37 featured breathable materials, which we were able to confirm during our wear tests. We could literally feel the breeze. 

Enjoy a nice one-to-one fit

The shoe made it seem like our feet were vacuum-sealed once we properly broke in the materials. Due to this, we suggest players with narrow to medium-sized feet to go true to size.

No problems with foot containment

The shoe is comfortably padded in the right areas, keeping our feet secure without being too restrictive. The heel counter also does a great job of containing our ankles.

Special shoutout to the premium laces!

We are happy that the laces feel premium and are actually strong. We found that it's super high quality.

Air Jordan XXXVII laces