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7 reasons to buy

  • Traction: All expert reviewers agree that the 35th Air Jordan has a really nice grip on the court, especially if it's clean.
  • Impact protection: Players report that the cushioning protects their knees and feet even from hard landings and heel strikes.
  • Premium materials: The AJ 35 uses high-quality materials, and players really appreciate that.
  • True to size: Players conclude that future buyers can just go with their usual measurements for Jordan shoes.
  • Support: The Flywire and the updated eclipse plate seem to have done their job well because almost all experts have no complaints when it comes to support.
  • Smooth steps: Experts are happy that the 35 has really nice heel-to-toe transition because of the curved heel and forefoot.
  • Feels light: Though the Air Jordan 35 is at 369 grams (13 oz), reviewers still report that it somehow feels light. They must have compared it with the really heavy LeBrons

6 reasons not to buy

  • Need break in: The traction, cushion, and other features of this shoe need time so that they perform at their best. 
  • Dust-prone: The outsole picks up dust quite easily, affecting the traction. Wiping does the trick, though.
  • Less explosiveness: The Zoom units installed in this shoe are less bouncy and explosive than the ones in the AJ 34.
  • Arch discomfort: The Eclipse plate pushed against the arch of the foot, causing pain and uneasiness.
  • Suffocating: One of the experts says that the padded collar pushes on his foot and is "suffocating."
  • Not for outdoor use: The outsole is made of soft materials, so it surely wouldn't last long outdoors.

Bottom line

As expected, the Air Jordan 35 was released to so much anticipation and fanfare, which in all fairness did not go to waste. The Air Jordan XXXV indeed delivered in terms of performance. Sure, there are complaints here and there, but they are never serious or major enough to be absolute dealbreakers. 

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Air Jordan XXXV: The legacy lives on

After decades of aiding basketball players in performing better on the court, expectations were never low for the Air Jordan line. The Air Jordan XXXV surely doesn't disappoint as it proudly offers the following: 

Nice on-feet feel. This AJ shoe uses both new and old materials, and this combination seems to have succeeded in giving comfort and support.

Really nice cushioning. A considerably bigger Zoom unit is added in the heel, and this really provides reliable impact protection. 

Killer traction. The Air Jordan 34 was widely praised for its very reliable traction. The Jordan implements the same traction feature in the 35th. There's no need to fix what ain't broken, right? 

Special colorways of the Air Jordan 35

The AJ 35 is released in a number of colorways, and some of these are specially created for basketball players sponsored by the Jordan brand. 

Morpho. Guo Ailun is the first Chinese basketball player that the Jordan brand signed. He is known for his elusiveness on the court, which the AJ XXXV effectively supports. The "Morpho" colorway features Ailun's personal logo and colors.  It also bears his personal motto that says “Where the heart goes, where the body goes.”

Warrior. Growing as a black man in Japan, Rui Hachimura is not new to life's challenges. The 35's "Warrior" colorway is made red and black to honor Hachimura's Japanese and Beninese background. It also bears his logo, which Hachimura says is dedicated to his family and other mixed-race kids because he wants to inspire them.


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