Who should buy the Air Jordan 37 Low

The low version of the Air Jordan 37 is a sure hit with the fans of the legend Michael Jordan. This shoe is also suitable for the following:

  • basketball athletes who play on indoor hardwood courts most of the time
  • guards who are lighter and quicker on their feet
  • players who are so particular about getting good ankle lockdowns from their shoes

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from the Jordan brand

Like many basketball shoes, the Air Jordan 37 Low is not suitable for concrete, asphalt, and other outdoor courts. Players who want to take their games out in the open are better off with the Nike Cosmic Unity 2.

Heavier and bigger players who need a lot of support may find this shoe a bit lacking in that area. The Nike KD 15 and the Nike LeBron Witness 7 are more capable of satisfying this type of basketball players.

Kevin Durant's 15th KD from Nike is also a good pick for those who want to hit the ground running. This basketball shoe is said to need little to no break-in time.

Be on the go, choose the Air Jordan 37 Low

A reviewer says that his pair of AJ 37 Lows are "sick great shoes." One goes way further by declaring that this is the "best on-court basketball shoe 22-23 [has to offer]." Others agree with their assessments, and many of them cite the comfort and ease with acceleration that they experience when they are wearing this.

Launch forward like rockets

An expert reviewer declares that the Air Jordan 37 Low is one of the bounciest hoop shoes that he has ever tried. Another expert describes his pair as "absolute rocket ships" because they offer "some pretty crazy launch." Several other reviewers also take note of the speed-oriented benefit of this shoe, so it's safe to say that those who run up and down the court a lot are going to have a lot of fun in these shoes.

AJ 37 Low: Built for speed

The structure and overall design of this Jordan low-top strongly suggest that it's built for speed. An athlete describes it as a "great fast shoe." Another reviewer reports that his pair are "absolute rockets," especially when he is running in a straight line.

Bite that you can trust

Two avid reviewers describe the traction of this low-top basketball shoe as "great" and "really really good," especially on indoor courts. One of them, however, warns that the sole can be a "little iffy on dust," but it's definitely not something that a quick wipe or two can't solve. 

Enjoy some cushioning where it's needed

An expert reviewer observes that for some reason, impact absorption is better when on indoor courts than on outdoor courts. This is one of the reasons this reviewer thinks the AJ 37 Low is not for outdoor use.

Break-in is necessary for this one

The outsole and the midsole need some time before they perform as they should. It's just fortunate that according to a couple of reviewers, the needed break-in period is not long.

No sweat. Not wet. Simply airy

An avid reviewer observes that the upper of the Air Jordan 37 Low breathes so well. He surely does not feel his feet heating up too much even when the game gets a little more aggressive.

No issues with foot containment here

The materials that make up the upper are able to provide effective support and containment to the foot. A player particularly points out that the ankle delivers "a really good lockdown."

However, it must be noted here that while the materials do the job well, they still look and feel cheap. "It's not justified," says one reviewer about the price vis-à-vis the quality of the materials.

Heel-to-toe transition is seamless

Because of the curvatures on both ends of the shoe, an expert says that the AJ 37 Low gives a "nice rocking motion" with every step.

Flex with ease at the forefoot

An athlete observes that the forefoot area of the AJ 37 Low can flex well, making it easy for him to do quick twists and changes in direction.

Comfort is simply a highlight

"[It is] the most comfortable Jordan basketball shoe in a long time," declares one happy wearer of the Air Jordan 37 Low. Many other users also say that this shoe does indeed feel comfortable next to their skin.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 12.2oz
Top: Low
Signature: Michael Jordan
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Air Jordan
Colorways: White / Blue / Black
SKUs: DQ4122007 / DQ4122100 / DQ4122400

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