Updates to Ahnu Montara III Boot eVent

  • The Montara III Boot eVent, part of the “Ahnu by Teva” collection, is a supportive yet lightweight hiker equipped for day-long adventures on rugged trails. Its leather upper has a waterproof membrane to seal away wet elements.
  • It is engineered with the Ahnu Numentum Hike technology which helps the foot remain centered and grants the user a steady balance, especially while on the move. This tech also reinforces the footgear’s heel zone, improving underfoot comfort and stability as a result.
  • This Ahnu Montara hiking boot is imbued with Microban’s Aegis Antimicrobial Treatment. This particular technology proactively combats funk-causing bacteria, thereby keeping both the foot and the shoe smelling fresh for as long as possible.
  • Underfoot, the Montara III Boot eVent is armed with a dual-density midsole with Numentum technology and a custom outsole courtesy of Vibram. Together, they promise a stable and slip-free ride on various types of terrain. They also furnished the gear with a rockered toe for improved push offs, particularly on more level surfaces.

Size and fit

The Ahnu Montara III Boot eVent is a mid-cut day hiker for women. Its fit, which is claimed by the brand as true to size, is intended for wearers with standard-width feet. It is offered in both full and half sizes. Users can achieve a secure and customized lockdown with the boot’s lace-up closure.


Giving adventurers the amount of slip and skid resistance they need is a custom Vibram Megagrip outsole. This sticky component is able to latch on to various kinds of outdoor surfaces, be they wet or dry, thanks in no small part to its grippy lugs and tread patterns. Its construction grants wearers ground adaptability without compromising longevity.

Aside from surface traction, this Vibram outsole also provides frontal bump protection. This added feature is made possible by making its front end cover the tip of the toe box slightly.


With the Montara III Boot eVent’s dual-density midsole, day hikers can traverse uneven terrain with enough ground cushioning and stability. It is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA for short)—an elastic, rubber-like material that possesses waterproof properties and high resistance to stress. Its heel is made extra thick to bolster further the boot’s capability to absorb shock on impact. There is also the midsole’s cupped design (still around the heel) that ups the footwear’s overall sturdiness.

Atop this protective yet cushy layer is a removable footbed made of EVA. This additional component, which is dual-density just like the midsole, enhances underfoot comfort. It also provides added medial-to-rearfoot support thanks to its contoured construction.


The stitched-on mid-top upper of the Montara III Boot eVent is largely made of waterproof nubuck leather. Both its heel and forefoot are reinforced with a hardy material for extra abrasion protection. Its collar has a nice and smooth feel to it thanks to its pig leather lining.

Responsible for keeping water fenced out in this Ahnu women’s Montara boot is the eVent membrane. The science behind its engineering also expels heat and moisture from the inside, rendering the gear not only waterproof but also adequately breathable.

The footwear’s lockdown system is comprised of a stout lace and combination eyelets. The lace is made up of synthetic cords bundled together, while the lace entryways (eyelets) are metallic for the most part.

Ahnu Montara III Boot eVent vs. Ahnu Sugarpine II Waterproof Boot

The Ahnu by Teva Collection offers a range of above-the-ankle hikers targeted at the female crowd. Two of such kicks include the Montara III Boot eVent and the Sugarpine II Waterproof Boot. Choosing between the two may prove to be quite a challenge, so continue reading to find out their key differences.

Waterproofing. Although these are boots capable of keeping the elements (especially water) out where they should be, only the Ahnu Montara III Boot eVent has a proper waterproof membrane. The Sugarpine II Waterproof Boot, on the other hand, solely relies on its waterproof leather overlays to keep its interior nice and dry.

Upper. The Montara III Boot eVent has a grounded look with its mostly leather upper, while the Sugarpine II Waterproof Boot ventures into a more modern territory thanks to its over-the-ankle shell made predominantly of mesh. Both hikers, however, have reinforced heel and toe zones for enhanced protection against abrasive hazards.

Collar Comfort. The two Ahnu hikers in this head to head offer a level of comfort around the ankle. This plush in-shoe feel is provided by ample padding in the Sugarpine II Waterproof Boot and engineered pigskin in the Montara III Boot eVent.

Midsole. Both of these boots come with a dual-density midsole for cushioning and terrain balance. This foam-like layer is engineered with Numentum Hike—a technology that bolsters the midsole’s stabilizing and foot-centering capabilities. Wearers who prefer a chunkier midsole might find the featured footwear more enticing than the Sugarpine II Waterproof Boot.

Outsole. When it comes to surface grip and slip prevention, the two offerings rely on the custom Vibram outsole with which each is built. The lugs present in both outsoles are designed and positioned pretty much the same way, although the ones seen in the Ahnu Montara hiking boot are burlier and less segmented than its competition.

Additional Info

  • This footwear from Ahnu has a low-cut version, named simply Montara III eVent.


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