Run the world with Adidas ZX 500

Get empowered to fulfill your daily tasks, worrying less about foot pain — well, for the most hours. Adidas ZX 500 allows you to get on your feet through a whole day’s shift comfortably. It may not be as pillowy as the Adidas NMD grails, but it got the basics to keep you covered throughout the day and still come home with happy feet. If you prefer a more cushioned sneaker, check out the Boost-infused ZX 500 RM.

What are you getting for its price?

  • It is assembled with a soft underside, using a double-layered foam that's responsible for absorbing all the impact right below your feet.
  • It has a plastic-molded heel counter working as a stable backbone. It clutches your foot and prevents it from wobbling, especially when moving in multi-direction at a time. 
  • The layering of materials on the upper allows a sufficient amount of ventilation.
  • It flaunts a stylish design you’d either want to sport regularly or save for special days.

From a true-blue and reliable running trainer from 1984, the Adidas ZX 500 has become at home under Three Stripes’ lifestyle department. The remastered version kickstarted an entire line of Adidas ZX sneakers. Below are some of the most popular ones:

  • ZX 750 is covered with a significantly breathable mesh upper but with a thicker tongue compared to the ZX 500. 
  • ZX Flux is stripped off with tons of weight, making it a lot lighter than the ZX 500.
  • ZX 8000 Lego ignited the vibrant trend attached to the ZX line. But its radiance doesn’t come close to the glittery finish of some ZX 500 variations. 


The current trend of Adidas ZX 500.
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