Who should buy the Adidas ZG21 BOA

If you like the traditional version of the ZG21, you must check out this BOA iteration. This shoe boasts the same features as its base model except its lace-up closure system. You should get this if you want the following:

  • An easily adjustable closure system that offers the most accurate fit, thanks to its BOA dial
  • Waterproof construction and superb traction that will let you play during the wet season
  • Eco-friendly golf shoe from Adidas

Adidas ZG21 BOA three stripes

Dual cushioning: Lightstrike and Boost

The Adidas ZG21 BOA features double cushioning, making it very pleasing to the foot. The cushioning combined were the Lightstrike and Boost.

The demands of your game will be met, thanks to the new super-light midsole of the Adidas ZG21 BOA, the Lightstrike. This technology provides both lightweight cushioning and responsiveness.

Adidas ZG21 BOA midsole

On the other hand, the Boost enhances the comfort of this golf shoe while providing an amazing energy return.

Adidas ZG21 BOA boost

Easy tightening with BOA closure

Many golf players say the BOA dials are a breeze to use and very accurate.

Adidas ZG21 BOA laceless

The new Li2 dial platform of the BOA system is lightweight and durable. And, with its multi-directional secure system, tightening the ZG21 BOA golf shoes becomes effortless and speedy.

Adidas ZG21 BOA laceless and boa dial

Adidas ZG21 BOA: Lighter than other spiked golf shoes

Adidas continues to push the boundaries of innovative golf shoes with the ZG21 BOA. It was built to create a tech-forward and uber light spiked golf shoe. A lot of wearers rave about how light this pair feels. It supposedly weighs lighter than most spiked golf shoes. with a weight of 13 oz / 368.5 g over 14.6 oz / 415 g.

Adidas ZG21 BOA lightweight spiked shoes

In fact, the ZG in the title stands for Zero Gravity. Of course, zero-gravity is impossible on Earth, but we obviously get that they used this phrase to merely drive home their goal/intention. 

This model is inspired by a previous release called the CodeChaos, which was engineered to be the lightest spikeless shoe of its time. 

The spikes of the ZG21 BOA bite on any surface

Experts say this Adidas cleat bites onto the wet freeway excellently.

Adidas ZG21 BOA spikes

Its secure footing is guaranteed by its six-cleat Thintech construction. With this, you will have no worries when striking the ball, even with increased power when swinging the golf club.

Keeping it steady with the ZG21 BOA

It provides excellent ground contact, and when combined with traction, makes for very efficient swings.

Adidas ZG21 BOA front view

Combining the excellent ground contact of this cleat and its traction, players will feel be able to hit the golf ball confidently.

Not even the rain can stop you from playing

The ZG21 BOA, with its waterproof upper, is impermeable, keeping feet dry and comfy during rainy weather.

Adidas ZG21 BOA waterproof upper

The eco-friendly style of the Adidas ZG21 BOA

Plenty of golf enthusiasts finds the shoe appealing.

Adidas ZG21 BOA low top

Aside from its attractive silhouette, it is environmentally friendly, "with 20% of pieces used to make the upper" is being "made with minimum 50% recycled content."

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 368g
Base model: Adidas ZG21
Outsole: Spiked
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Synthetic
Closure: BOA
Collection: Adidas Boost

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Cesar Monasterio
Cesar Monasterio

Cesar Monasterio is considered one of the best Argentine golfers of his generation. He is one of only 13 players to have victories on all three European golf circuits: European Tour, Challenge Tour, and Legends Tour. In 2014 he won the English Senior Open and was voted Rookie of the Year on the Legends Tour. Mr Monasterio represented his country in the 1995 World Cup. Still active and competing with a strong focus, he is the president of the Argentine Professional Golf Tour and the coach of several prestigious golfers. Finally, he is a specialist golf "Blacksmith" repairing golf clubs precisely at the workshop set in his house for this fine purpose.