Who should buy the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner

Apart from sneaker fans who adore the future-forward style of the Yeezy lineup, the Foam Runner is also for buyers:

  • who are in search of kicks that they could perfectly don during the summer
  • who prioritize comfort and style
  • hunting for kicks that are perfect for daily errands
  • looking for eco-friendly sneakers to add to their collection

Who should NOT buy it

The Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner is not for buyers who do not like attention. With its avant-garde vibe and out-of-this-world look, this kick yields unsolicited praise or criticism from people. For a safer and versatile look, you may check our list of highly recommended minimalist sneakers.

Adidas Yeezy Foam RNNR: A beast in comfort and style

Adidas and Kanye West add another unique, re-shaped iteration to their Yeezy arsenal by introducing the Foam RNNR. Setting the fashion world into a frenzy as it looks like the conventional Crocs, the Yeezy Runner Foam feels exceptionally cozy, soft, and more responsive, thus providing a smoother ride just like sneakers with Boost

Superb wearability for the lifestyle scene

It is incredibly comfy with pillowy softness that can be worn for hours without hurting your feet; thus, all-day walks have been breezy for several of its wearers.

Designed with planet Earth in mind

The entire shoe is made with foam-injected EVA foam added with algae as the base material for a more sustainable construction. You may also take a look at our comprehensive ozone-safe collection for alternative options. 

A runner that is not meant for running

Don't be misled by its nomenclature! Although it has the word "runner" in its name, it feels terrible running in the Foam RNNR kicks. It totally feels like Crocs - clunky, not comfy to run.

Overheating will never be an issue!

Bringing the authentic Crocs vibe, it has a series of ventilation ports in varying sizes and shapes that allow ample airflow throughout. You can't go wrong with this sneaker during the summer! 

Can be uncomfy with bare feet

Its heel pull tab sticks and rubs on the ankle and causes blisters after a few hours of usage. Users highly recommended wearing these kicks with socks on.

Genuinely captivating future-facing aesthetics

Crazy, organic, alien-looking, and avant-garde are the descriptive words usually used by reviewers on the Foam Runner. These Yeezy Crocs are a statement piece that you should wear if you want to stand out. 

For half-sizes, this is your unlucky day

The sneaker isn't offered in half sizes. Also, since it's a slip-on and no lace, unfortunately, you can't change the fit and have to go with whatever room the size gives for you. 

Easy slip-on and off

The Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner has a massive ankle opening for easier slipping into or out. And surprisingly, the foot doesn't slide out quickly as the sculpted heel cradles the feet snugly and comfortably.

Not just for walking but also for driving

The flipped upward heel area makes this pair easy to walk in and drive. It allows your foot to roll forward smoothly when it needs to hit the acceleration or brake. 

Its durability is mind-blowing!

After wearing it every day, astonishingly, a tester reports the wear is low, and they held up amazingly well.

Easy to clean

Thanks to its foam construction, dirt comes off easily just by using a damp cloth.

Yeezy Foam Runner: A sneaker or slide?

Unlike the customary slides worn with an exposed heel, the RNNR Foam covers entire feet, giving you more of a sneaker-like vibe and feel. 

Facts / Specs

Style: Futuristic
Top: Low
Inspired from: Other
Collaboration: Kanye West
Collection: Adidas Yeezy
Closure: Slip-on
Material: EVA

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